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Google Introduces Smart Contact Lens

by Fahad Saleem

Google is at it again, introducing something spectacular; and this time it’s a smart contact lens. Now how can a contact lens be smart? Well the one Google is working on can measure the glucose level of a diabetic from their tears. A sensor and wireless chip in the lens does all the work. For those with diabetes, they know the only way to check their glucose level is by pricking your finger and placing a drop of their blood on a glucose measuring device. This procedure is not only painful, but requires time and can be annoying as well. For these smart lens, all you need to do is shed a tear and that’s it. As of now, Google is testing prototypes that can take one reading per second and the ultimate goal is to install an LED that can notify the user that their glucose level needs attention.

googlecontact lens - 2

A major concern is, will having electronics so close to the eye be potentially dangerous? Could the lens end up damaging the eye by accident? The electronic components are enclosed between two layers of contact lens, so nothing dangerous is touching the eye. Google has proclaimed that this idea is still fresh but they have researched and gone through a couple prototype designs. In order to get more expert knowledge and help, Google has gone public with this project.

This technology can be really beneficial if exists. No longer will people have to put themselves through pain to check their glucose level. Also, sometimes people aren’t even aware their level is too high. These smart lens will let the user know immediately that their level needs tending to because tear fluid is always available in the eye. Leave it to Google to come up with a safe, beneficial piece of technology. It’s a guarantee that when this product will be available to the public, it will be completely hazard-free and safe. A powerhouse company like Google would never release something dangerous. Keep your eyes open for this product, it’s coming soon!



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