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Google Nigeria Director, Juliet Ehimuan, Talks Tech Empowerment with CNN Innovate Africa


Technology in Africa has certainly made extraordinary advances, and Google has been on the forefront of this stride.

In a recent conversation with CNN on their Innovate Africa program, Google Director, Juliet Ehimuan, espoused the impressive work the tech company has achieved in recent years, especially regarding the provision of solutions to everyday challenges faced by daily by everyday businesses and individuals.

From enabling growth for more technology start-ups, to looking at solutions in financial inclusion, agriculture and healthcare, Google has leveraged technology in transforming almost every aspect of our society.

Juliet Ehimuan, a strong believer in the role that technology can play in accelerating growth on the continent, is pleased with the steady process and progress of making this happen in Africa.

As she states in the short video, everything she felt could be possible with technology has come to fruition. Being a lifelong advocate for technology in Africa and beyond, this is progress that she feels is not only timely but most welcome.

As an example, in April, Google opened its first Africa Intelligence centre in Accra, Ghana, to provide developers with the necessary research needed to build products that can solve major problems Africa still faces today. AI is a critical tool used today to accelerate almost all facets in everyday life and large-scale industry.

Google has been at the forefront of change and development in West Africa with Juliet at its helm since 2011, getting to see personal and professional feats made possible through discipline and technology. There are people making cases for themselves, 10x-ing their income just by acquiring digital skills, and using technology to make an impact in their lives. There are start-ups solving problems and increasing revenue for the continent through technology.

Speaking recently at an event where Google launched a series of new products especially suited to the African market, Ehimuan said “Every day, people in Nigeria, Africa and around the world turn to Google for help. It is my hope that the products and updates will make Google even more helpful for fuelling people’s hustles and getting things done.

Digital technology and innovation: taking Africa forward.

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