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Grab your FREE Copy of Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 Games this weekend | Limited-Time Offer

by Felix Omondi

Who is not always up for freebies? Well, I would bet there are more people up for it and those who would frown at saving some dollars yet getting in on a good deal. In keeping with that spirit, innov8tiv magazine would like to bring to your attention another freemium deal that is upcoming this weekend. Two super games from Codemasters, the titles Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21.

If you are not familiar with the games, the Dirt 5 is a blend of off-road racing. It comes in career mode, split-screen play mode, and multiplayer online gaming. Gamers have great options for customizing their rides. As you race around on the dirt road, the loose gravel will not be your only concern. You will also have to deal with cumbersome weather and will have to wrestle your way with snow, rain, ice, water puddles, and mud on the road. You get to choose between trucks and cars for your gameplay.

The NBA 2K21 is the latest title in a long line of basketball titles from the developer house. It has both online and offline play mode, a career mode, community features, and you can choose a wide array of players. You also get to choose between a wide variety of courts to play on.

Discounted Prizes up to Weekend

If you head over to steam before the next weekend. You will find that neither Dirt 5 nor NBA 2K21 is free. However, they are both being sold at an offer, with the former being 50% off while the latter being 67% off. However, come the weekend – just this weekend – both games will be entirely free for download.

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The discounted price up to the weekend and the freemium over the weekend is a limited-time offer. So if you would love to play this game, download them within this promotional period because after it lapses, the price will revert to normal.

EA acquired Codemasters at $1.2 Billion

It is also interesting to note that Codemaster is now a subsidiary of EA (Electronic Arts). The latter bought the former at a $1.2 billion price tag in mid-February this year. Additionally, EA further announced that they would be releasing a new racing game each year. No doubt Codemasters will be pivotal in that development.

Although Codemaster now operates as a subsidiary of EA, the parent company says it will run autonomously. However, no doubt there will be a lot of collaboration between programmers from EA and Codemasters in the release of the latest games.

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