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How To Grind Weed Without a Grinder; A Step by Step Guide


When it comes to smoking weed, whether by bowl or joint, it’s incredibly important to grind your weed into pieces that are small and fine. For perspective and reference, refer to herbs that have been dried and that are typically used for cooking purposes. You’ll want the weed to be in pieces just slightly larger than the herbs. Do make sure not to mix them up though weed dispensary Aurora!

When it comes to grinding up weed on your own, we understand that dedicated grinders can be expensive. Or maybe you just don’t know of a place to buy one. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a guide designed to enable the grinding of weed without any sort of dedicated grinder. You can use scissors, coins, pill bottles, a coffee grinder, and even something as simple as a shot glass. Now, before we get into the step by step guide, ensure that all of your items are clean and organized.

Method 1 – Using Scissors to Chop Up Weed

Step 1 – Packing the Weed

First of all, ensure the scissors you’re going to use are cleaned to the best of your ability. Next, find a simple drinking glass, and place your unchopped weed into it. Only fill half the glass with weed to ensure an easy and efficient process. Also, do not pack the weed so that it becomes very densely oriented in the glass. Rather, keep it loosely situated. This will then allow you to chop it with your scissors very easily.

  • Tip 1 – If you have a lot of weed that you want to chop, do not shove it all into one glass. Do it in several batches to ensure that the process is done right.
  • Tip 2 – If you’re only planning on chopping up a small amount of weed, try using a shot glass.

Step 2 – Start Chopping

With your clean pair of scissors, reach down into the glass and start chopping up the weed. If you’re using a shot glass, smaller styling scissors will do just fine. Keep in mind you can shake up the cup or stir with your scissors to reveal pieces that need to be cut again.

Step 3 – Choose Your Size

As you’re chopping up the weed you’ll notice that you have ultimate control over how large you want to keep the weed. Most people reference dried cooking herbs for comparison, just don’t mix them up if you lay the two substances side by side! Congratulations, you’re all done! Pretty easy wasn’t it?

Method 2 – The Pill Bottle & Coin Method

Step 1 – Packing the Pill Bottle

First things first, find yourself a pill bottle and clean it very well. Next, fill it about two-thirds of the way full with weed. Make sure the weed is dried out, because any moisture may make the process more difficult (but not impossible).

Tip 3 – If you don’t have pill bottles, simply use anything of similar size. Whether it be a container or a random canister you found around the house.

Step 2 – Penny Insertion

Find yourself a penny or similarly sized coin and clean it very well. Sterilize it if you can. Take this coin and insert it into the pill bottle. Once you’ve done this screw the lid back on (to prevent weed from escaping).

Step 3 – Time to Shake!

Take your new contraption and shake it ferociously. Imagine playing the maracas or the tambourine and shake it that hard. Keep this up for a couple of minutes. As you’re shaking the bottle, the penny will move around and slice through the dried weed like a knife through warm butter. Check the size of the weed every thirty seconds or so until the weed is at your preferred size. That’s it! You’ve done it, congratulations.

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