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Hottest Job Skills That Could Make You Rich In 2015: Recommended By LinkedIn

by Fahad Saleem

Hottest Job Skills That Could Make You Rich In 2015: Recommended By LinkedIn

Making piles of money in today’s competitive corporate world may seem a daunting task, but there are certain skills which can give you a monthly fortune. You just have to give your best to learn a skill that is demanded in the corporate corridors, money will follow you.

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To determine the hottest skills and experience of 2014 that will create great job opportunities with high salaries, 330 LinkedIn accounts are analyzed. If you possess one or more of these skills or experience mentioned below, you have great chance to get jobs of your desired satisfaction level, both in terms of expertise as well as salary. The salaries presented against each job may vary with different organizations, regions, and job sectors. However, an estimate of salary is provided to give you a rough idea about the financial worth of the hottest skills of 2014. The average salaries are taken from that provides US based data.

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  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining ($52,162/year for Data Mining Analyst)
  • Middleware and Integration Software ($81,867/year for System Design or Integration)
  • Network and Information Security ($80,072/year for Security Consultant)
  • Storage Systems and Management ($81,343/year for Storage Area Network Systems Administrator)
  • Business Intelligence ($76,517/year for Business Intelligence Developer)
  • SEO/SEM Marketing ($47,045/year for SEO Marketing Strategist)
  • Web Architecture and Development Framework ($53,036/year for Web Developer)
  • Mobile Development ($88,946/year for Mobile Application Developer)
  • Perl/Python/Ruby ($86,115/year for Python)
  • Algorithm Design ($72,531/year for Electrical Engineering Designer)
  • Marketing Campaign Management ($63,087/year for Marketing Manager)
  • Data Engineering and Data Warehousing ($77,020/year for Database Engineer)
  • User Interface Design ($60,478/year for User Interface Designer)
  • Mac, Linux, and Unix Systems ($68,109/year for Linux System Administrator)
  • Recruiting ($61,048/year for Human Resource Manager)
  • User Interface Design ($60,478/year for User Interface Designer)
  • Computer Graphics and Animation ($69,280/year for Electrical Engineer with CAD Design skills)
  • Economics ($54,412/year for Financial Analyst)
  • Channel Marketing ($77,824/year for Channel Marketing Manager)
  • Java Development ($69,722/year for Java Developer)
  • Integrated Circuit (IC Design) ($91,586/year for Integrated Circuit (IC) Designer)
  • SAP ERP Systems ($76,764/year for ERP Developer)
  • Game Development ($109,973/year for Software Development Manager)
  • Shell Scripting Languages ($76,340/year for Shell Scripting Software Engineer)
  • Virtualization ($72,000/year for System Engineer IT)

These are the jobs recruiters are frantically searching for. If you spend you time or effort on these skills; or have started a job in these domains, you must refine yourself as a big fortune is awaiting you in the coming year.

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