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How The Bumble CEO Is Breaking The Glass Ceiling?


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Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble CEO is breaking glass ceilings as a CEO. Bumble is a popular dating platform where for a refreshing change, female users make the first move. While breaking the glass ceiling, Wolfe Herd not only became a billionaire but also the youngest female CEO who has successfully made a major U.S. company public. She is not simply a billionaire but a self-made millionaire. 

Bumble Announced Its IPO Successfully

A few months back, while announcing Bumble IPO, she tweeted that Bumble has become a public company and till now, more than 1.7 billion women have made their first moves. She further thanked all the Bumble users and posted a very inspiring post. She further cheered a lot because she celebrated the moment with her one-year-old son in her arms. The video quickly became popular and she said that it inspired many moms. In fact, the combination of a power suit and a baby and celebrating such moments is nothing less than an inspiration. 

Bumble – A Feminist Dating App

Bumble, without a doubt, by design is a feminist dating app where the women make the first move. The first move can be as simple as wishing someone Good Morning or a cool question can be asked to break the ice. The IPO of the dating app when it went public was valued at $2.2 billion. On the very first day of trading, the company saw a surge of 75% in its share. After the IPO, the valuation increased to $7 billion.

Before becoming the CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd has also worked with Tinder and she played a crucial role in the way the global dating platform has evolved. Bumble is also a women-friendly dating app because it protects women from unsolicited sexual messages. Further, the automatically censors mirror selfies that are inappropriate and nudes. Creating Bumble is Herd’s way of fighting the misogyny of tech. While working on Tinder, she noted that in most of the online dating landscape, women, especially women of colour are directly or indirectly harassed or bullied. Through Bumble, she is providing a safe space to these women. Bumble is also very popular in India where the users engage with each other in a variety of ways. Many prefer to share their Hindi Status online to impress one other along with some light-hearted jokes.

Herd Is Shaping How People Behaves Online 

Often, tech executives have remarked that how someone behaves online can really not be controlled, and therefore, neither they nor the company should not be held responsible for their behavior. But Herd, like a real girl boss, is changing that by creating an app that shapes how people behave, both in the online and the offline form. She openly believes that the behavior of the users in her platform is her responsibility. 

She Is Vocal About Mistreatment Of Female Business Founders

Whitney Wolfe Herd is someone who does not shy away from addressing the gender discrimination or harassment that exists in the world, in the technological field, or in business. Recently, Herd commented that all the female CEOs are put under extremely high standards and as a result of this, many women get discouraged. She has said that it is unfair and wrong as a result of this, many women are thrown from the businesses that they have built. The pressure is extremely high for the CEO in America. She said that she herself was under a microscope and has been under too much scrutiny. She further commented that such behavior paralyzes the women emotionally and this is wrong on any level. According to a report, many female founders have been thrown away from business and this supports the statement of Herd.

Herd also spoke openly about her abusive relationship and how that broke her confidence and she had to start working from the bottom to build herself strongly. Therefore, it can be rightly said that she is breaking the glass ceiling at many levels, not only for herself at a personal level but she is also encouraging many other women in technology and business to push themselves for creating new records. There are only a few people in business who are trying to create awareness about the gender discrimination that exists in business and Herd is one of those people who through their story and success are encouraging women from all around the world to put their business how their and succeed in it like a real girl boss.


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