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How to Delete Photo Albums from iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

How to Delete Photo Albums from iPhone

iPhone photos app can’t be more confusing. iOS 7 users have reported a number of problems in the interface of the photos app of iOS. Deleting photo albums from iPhone seems to be a daunting task because of the cluttered interface. On top of that, many albums can be deleted easily whereas other photo albums don’t seem to have any delete option. Let’s solve the issue once and for all and see how to delete photo albums from iPhone.

Why iPhone Photo Album Delete Feature is Confusing

The basic cause of the problem in which you can a certain photo album from iPhone and can’t delete another photo album is the syncing with iTunes phenomena. Most of us sync their devices with iTunes. If you do so, you will only be able to delete photos albums from iPhone which were created on your device. So if you created an album by tapping the ‘+’ sign and adding photos to it, you can delete this album anytime you want. But the photos will not be deleted, and that’s what is confusing. The photos will remain in the streams, other folder or simple photo collections.

Delete Photos in iPhone

To delete any photo, go to the photos app and tap it and tap ‘Select’ from the top right corner and tap the Bin icon and ‘Delete photo’.

delete 1

Delete Photo Albums in iPhone from Library

If you want to delete albums, you can go to the albums view in the photos app and tap ‘Edit’ button. Red circle will appear above the albums, tap it for those albums you want to delete from iPhone.

Note: In iOS 8, all the photos you delete from iPhone go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Make sure to go there and delete them. If not, these photos stay here for 30 days before getting deleted permanently.

delete 2

In iPhone 5, many users have reported that they are unable to delete photos from the photo library. Here’s how you can delete photos from iPhone from photo library.

Go to summary bar in iTunes in your computer.

Select your device.


Click ‘Photos’ from the iTunes.

You will now see a tab Sync Photos From with a drop down list. Click the drop-down list and select the sources from where you want to delete the photos.

Click “Selected Albums.”

 Now ‘Unselect the Folder’ which has the photos you want to delete.

Click Sync

All the photos you wanted to delete will be vanished from your phone.

This is how to delete photo albums from iPhone. Shoot your queries and problems in the comments.

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