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How To Downgrade To A Previous iOS App Version

by Felix Omondi
How To Downgrade To A Previous iOS App Version

The recent developments by HTML5 seem to indicate that mobile apps might soon become obsolete. Users will be able to accomplish more via the mobile sites just as much as they do on the mobile apps installed on their smartphones.

However, HTML5 is still very much a work in progress. Currently, users have to make do with the regular patches, fixes, tweaks and debugging apps developers keep updating our apps with. It is always recommended that you set you apps update to automatic, that way they will update as soon as the next release is rolled out.

The only problem with that is sometimes, the updates comes with so many changes that it completely ruins our experience. Often, we are left cursing why we updated to the latest upgrade and take to apps review site to vote down an app to get the developer to fix the problem ASAP.

Sometimes that never works out, and we are forced to use the bloated upgrade as it is, or entirely jump ship to an alternative app or platform. However, if you really want that older version of a particular app, there are a number of hacks at your disposal. These hacks can be done on both Windows or OS X computers, for iOS apps.

On Windows, you need to install Fiddler to get older versions of iOS apps.

On OS X, you need to install Charles to get older versions of iOS apps.

After installing Fiddler or Charles on your Windows or OS X computer, you can now embark on the really geeky road of the journey. You will have to dig through the XML files, jump several hoops to get to the older iOS app version.

Innov8tiv ran into a reliable source that give detailed information on a step by step basis on how to execute these geeky steps. If you are looking to download a previous version of an iOS app via iTunes legally, head on to Medium (Windows version) for the instructions. iDownloadBlog is another site where you can get clear instructions on how to revert to previous iOS app version.

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