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How to Fax from Your Own Computer without Fax Machine


We have all learnt in recent times how dependency on office infrastructure and immovable gadgets must be reduced. That is for all the right reasons. Relying on an infrastructure that can’t be accessed or is placed miles away creates turbulence.

Now speaking specifically of fax machines, it can’t be denied that fax machines have become an obsolete piece of infrastructure. However, fax documents are still the most widely used, accepted and admissible set of official paperwork.

In the times of technological advancement, a lot has been achieved. One of the greatest inventions has to be the ability to fax through computer. Your computer can be empowered and entrusted with the task of sending and receiving faxes.

Whether or not you are located in the office at any given point doesn’t matter. Online faxing services enable efficient mode of fax exchanges. In an inundated online faxing industry, CocoFax undoubtedly retains a top position.

CocoFax ideas allow the remote usage of faxing and a hassle free way of sending out business communication. Plus, you do not require to apply for a fax number, deal with a fax machine or the modem to enable the transfer. All you need is a stable internet.

Why CocoFax is the best

CocoFax is an extremely dependable name in the sending and receiving of faxes. It has a very loyal patronage that swears by its functions and features. Amidst the very many functions and features that the application provides, below are the most coveted functions:

Impeccable Dashboard

The CocoFax dashboard can be accessed by the users directly. It is immensely user friendly. It also acts as a common database that enables a collective documentation of faxes sent and received from your ID.  Hence, you can find all received faxes in one place.

In addition to the fax, it also has a very elaborate log that is maintained. You can find all requisite information of fax sent, received, time, date and all tiny and miniscule peculiarities as well.

Faxing through Email

When you attain a CocoFax subscription,in a simple set of procedures, you can send and receive faxes through emails. In fact, the process is similar to sending any normal email. The procedure is just tweaked a little bit but is nothing out of the ordinary.

CocoFax is compatible with all leading emails. You can use any of your email accounts like yahoo mail, google mail or outlook or Hotmail to send a fax. In order to send a fax, you just need to create, compose or initiate a ‘new message’.

The moment you initiate or compose a new message, you can attach the fax document to the email. It needs to be noted that the fax document needs to be inserted in the form of an attachment and not copy pasted into the email.

After this, in the recipient column, just add to the end of a fax. This will send the fax directly to the inserted fax number with the suffix. CocoFax will then act as a transmitting mode converting a digital message into an analogue message.

CocoFax further eases things out by letting the sender know that the fax has been delivered. There are also instances of non delivery that occur due to the fax machine being turned off or sheer manual error. Nevertheless, you would know even if the fax is not delivered.

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Fax through Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 is widely used by almost all corporations because of the cohesiveness they create in a business. It is also a very prominent mode of conduct of fax in CocoFax. While outlook can be used to send a mail, there are other counter methods also.

CocoFax can be embedded into a Microsoft Word file. To proceed with this, you need to add  CocoFax as an add-on to Microsoft Word. After this, CocoFax would appear as a ribbon on the top of the word document.

If you intend to send out a fax directly from a Microsoft Word document, you can just click on the ribbon and it will lead you to the CocoFax page. After logging in and reconfirming, your document will be faxed.

Fax through Google Drive

Google drives are used on the computer a lot as they act as an active source of data storage. With a lot of space offered on a Google Drive, CocoFax eases things out by enabling sending and receiving faxes directly from the Google Drive.

Why to choose CocoFax?

CocoFax is compatible with all sorts of devices, computers being the most preferred one as they are anyways used for conduct of official functions. When it comes to easing out the online faxing procedures, no application or software does it better than CocoFax.

There are in fact a lot of major players that ensure that faxing is eased out in a manner devoid of fax machines, but CocoFax offers holistic facilities. It is so easy to use and so convenient in its usage. It can be accessed on any device with basic applications and the internet.

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It also offers a very attractive 30 day trial that is free of cost. It is a good enough time to judge one’s compatibility with the application. The subscription can be cancelled any time before the 30 day trial ends.


CocoFax has made a fax through computer not only possible, but also very convenient. It has earned the reputation it enjoys because of the dedicated customer services and a lot of free functions. The application also offers more free faxes as compared to other leading applications.

Faxes have an undebatable importance and relying upon any name does not justify the act. CocoFax ideas are rare and its features are superb and better than any application till date. You have to try it to believe it.

So, stop thinking about what is better and try the 30 day free trial. It offers a free fax number, more faxing alternatives and 100+ fax cover sheets to choose from, what else do you expect from a quintessential online faxing service.

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