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How to Find, Retrieve Wifi Password in Your Windows 7, Windows 8 Computer

by Fahad Saleem

We all set passwords for our wireless and other internet connections these days in order to beef up privacy and security. Wifi passwords are, without any doubt, an important metric whose disclosure could lead to many security problems. But many people have asked about how to retrieve and find own Wifi password. We come across many situations when we need to see the password: it could be for sharing with a friend or a family member, for resetting it or for other purposes. Most of the people enter and save Wifi password and then keep using it for months. That’s why they couldn’t remember it when they need to after some time. Checking Wifi password in Windows is not a difficult task, but it involves some riddles and digging deeper which many people don’t like. Here’s how to find Wifi password in your computer.

How to Find Wifi Password

If you are using Windows 7, click on the network connection for which you want to get the wifi password. Click “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

connection 2

Click “Change Adapter Settings” from the left pane.

connection 3

A windows will be opened where you will see different internet connection(s). Right click on the connection for which you want to retrieve wireless internet password and click “Status”.

connection 4

Another window will be opened. Click “Wireless Properties” and click the “Security” tab of the newly opened windows.

connection 5

Check the box saying “Show Characters” to show the password. You can also change the “Security Type” and “Encryption Type” drop down list options to get to the required connection type.

This is how to check and find Wifi password in your computer in Windows 7.

If you are using Windows 8, the process is more or less the same. Just right click the connection and click “open network and sharing center”, and the rest is same as above.

connection 1

This is how to find and retrieve own Wifi password in Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you face any problem while following the above process, share it in the comments.

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