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How to get the most from iGaming Platforms


As one of the biggest segments of the remote gaming industry, iGaming is a highly competitive genre. Gone are the days where you only had a handful of platforms to play in, instead there’s now an abundance of gaming platforms and mobile apps to choose from.

To stand out from the crowd and keep customers on a long-term basis, today’s platforms need to offer more than simple casino games or online poker. As a result, there are many gaming tools, bonuses, and special promotions available to online casino gamers these days. 

If you’re looking to get more from your iGaming platform of choice, here are some key things that you should look out for. 


Extensive bonus packages have been an effective marketing method for the vast majority of the online casinos still in operation today, but did you know there are also bonuses that existing customers can take advantage of? 

No deposit bonuses, for example, while often offered to brand new players are available to existing casino members as well, depending on the individual gaming platform. Although they may seem attractive, mostly, the wagering requirements can be restrictive, so when it comes to bonuses it’s best to look out for deposit match bonuses, free spins, or cashback bonuses.  

Player Management

Smart gamers know that budgeting and playing within specific limits is important for longevity, and while there are still many useful offline resources to help you manage these aspects, there are increasingly more online tools available too. In today’s gaming climate where Responsible Gaming is a priority, many online platforms now offer tools for you to manage your gaming habits and empower yourself as a gamer.

Pro poker players are all too aware of the dreaded Tilt, where negative emotions can get in the way of strategy, but even amateur casino players can experience it too. In an effort to combat tilt and get players back on track, modern gaming platforms have time-out features that can last anything from 24 hours to six weeks. 

Effective bankroll management is also crucial if you want to play casino games effectively, which is why leading platforms including 888 casino are implementing new tools like Control Centre to allow gamers to set limits and monitor their spend vs. winnings. 

Meanwhile, players on Bitcoin or Blockchain gaming platforms can monitor their own performance by accessing the public ledger which records each transaction made in the online casino. 

Loyalty Programmes 

Online casino loyalty or reward programs aren’t just for high rollers and VIPs. In 2020 and beyond these are programs available to all registered players. While VIP reward programs are certainly the most attractive, there are other types of offers out there that still provide good value to amateur and occasional gamers. 

In most cases, you’ll be enrolled into a standard rewards or loyalty program the moment you join an online platform, but it’s worth checking the T&Cs of your casino operator to double-check. They typically take the form of a point-based system that awards players points for every wager or spin they make depending on the game.

Generally speaking, most casinos will award 1 point per $10USD (or equivalent currency), and once accrued, points can be “spent” on things like free spins or wagers, jackpot entries, and even cashback.

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