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How to Hire More Women in Tech


While there is an almost 50:50 parity rate in STEM graduates in India, less than 30% of women make it into the tech workforce in India. Does this statistic not urge for hiring more women in the Indian IT workforce? If you are also of the same viewpoint and want to know how you can hire more women in the technology sector, we’ve listed some useful information below.

Tech Companies Need to Welcome Female Leaders Too!

While the world is continuously progressing towards a more developed and gender equated society, the tech sector still remains patriarchal. Even when recruiters are “not” too male-friendly, they give more preference to male colleagues. This is a harsh reality that even today; people don’t consider women capable enough to contribute to the growth of a tech company.

When asked about the same, many women said that they don’t get equal perks as offered to men. Many of them also made a point that they were stereotyped to work in other sectors than tech. However, big companies are now realizing the need to eliminate this gender stereotyping and coming forward to hiring more women candidates.

Why Is It Important to Hire More Female Candidates in Tech?

What matters for any business organization is to hire potential candidates who can bring more value to the company through their expertise and knowledge. How is it fair to conclude that only men can be the real game-changers in tech? Are women not productive and worthy enough? Are they not innovative and skilled when they possess the same qualifications as men?

It is very important to hire the right women candidates to not only conserve their rights and remove gender bias from society but also bring more value to the company. It is no doubt that women are great problem-solvers and are multi-taskers. Furthermore, a diversified workforce also brings in new ideas and more chances of better profits to the company.

Hiring Women Candidates is a Challenge Now

Due to persistent stereotyping and gender biasing over the past few decades, women have shifted to other fields to get more opportunities. Hence, hiring and retaining them in this sector is a challenge now. Even when they hold better qualifications and skills than men, women don’t feel inclined towards applying for tech companies.

Steps to Hire More Women in Tech

If you want to recruit women candidates in your company, here are a few steps that you can take:

1. Draft a Female-Friendly Job Listing

Usually, job postings in tech have male-dominant approaches in their designing and drafting that repels many competent women to come forward and apply. Using gender-balanced approaches, both men and women can apply for the respective position.

2. Maternity Leave Benefits

Offering maternity leave benefits not only helps the right candidates apply and retain into the workforce but also encourages them to work with more dedication.

3. Get Women Experts Onboard While Interviewing

Generally, tech job interviews consist of two-three well-suited, tough-looking men that makes female candidates feel oppressed and not valued enough. Getting women panelists gives them a sense of belonging in the company they are about to work in.

4. Reserve a Female Quota

This gender equality can also be tackled by making sure there is some percent of the quota reserved for women, of course without discriminating the rights of male candidates.

5. Ensure Equal Salary to Women as Men

If you promise equal pay to women as men, potential females will flock to your workforce to give a boost to your business goals.

6. Treat Them Well

Hiring female candidates is not the only task – retaining them is. By treating them equally and not judging them, you can ensure the same in your workspace.

7. Let Them Be Who They Are

Women don’t feel comfortable in offices where they are expected to dress or behave like men. By bridging these gaps, you can welcome more females in your workforce.

8. Empower Them

Women are homemakers too – understand, support, and empower them to make them comfortable and more productive at work.

The Bottom Line

By adopting these practices, you can easily appoint more females and promote a more gender-balanced environment in your workplace. Being flexible and transparent will not only help you hire the right candidates but will also open more doors to your company’s success. However, you must remember to prioritize talent over gender to keep your workplace as productive as possible.

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