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How to Install iOS 11 in iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPads [Detailed Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Apple launched some really impressive features in its recently launched iOS 11. If you cannot wait to use iOS 11, you can download and install beta version of iOS 11 in your iPhone. iOS 11 is easy to download and install in your iPhone if you are a member of Apple Developer program.

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Install iOS 11 in your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Before you start, remember that beta versions always have errors in them. So you need to keep in mind that iOS 11 will not be the perfect experience. You should also take a complete backup of your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud.

First, login your account of Apple Developer by going to the developer program’s login page.

Now click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, and then click on All under Devices from the left options pane. Now you’ll see a ‘+’ button at the top right corner of your iOS device. By pressing this button, you will need to enter UDID of the iOS device, which is a hexadecimal cod. But wait, what? How to find UDID code? It’s easy. You can find it via iTunes. Connect your iPhone to Mac or your PC and start iTunes.

Now look for a small icon that looks like an iPhone next to the little dropdown menu in the iTunes menus and tabs area. Click the iPhone icon. There will be a label called “Serial Number”. Click on that label and it will change to UDID.  Right click on UDID and copy it.

Paste the UDID code in the Apple Developer page and click on continue. After reviewing the details, click on the register button and then complete the registration process.

The next step is to download the configuration profile from Apple Developer download page on your device and follow instructions. You can also save the config. Profile to your computer hard disk and then transfer to your iPhone.

After installing the configuration profile, go to your iPhone Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install.

Install iOS 11 Beta Using iTunes

If the above method is too complex for you, you can also install iOS 11 beta in via iTunes. After getting the UDID, click on Platform link in the navigation bar at the top, followed by iOS, and then click on download.

Under iOS 11 beta and Restore Image option, choose your iPhone model.

Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

After downloading the IPSW file, you are now ready to install iOS 11 in your iPhone.

Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device to your Mac and launch iTunes. Click the iPhone icon next to the small drop down menu near iTunes menus and tabs area. Hold down on the Option key  and click the Check for Update button.

Select the .ipsw file that you had downloaded previously to install iOS 11 beta and click on the Open button.

You will get a slider option. Slide it. Your device will get rebooted.

This was how to install iOS 11 in your iPhone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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