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How to Install iOS 9 in iPhone and iPad for Free Right Now

by Fahad Saleem

iOS 9 is the upcoming version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. Apple recently revealed an astonishing iOS 9 which packs marvelous features promising convivial user interface and stability. You must be happy to know that Apple has launched the public beta of iOS 9, which is now available for download, and anyone, anywhere in the world could download and install iOS 9 in iPhone or iPad. Before this launch, the developers’ version was launched, which is, of course, not for everyone to use. In this article, I will show you how to get iOS 9 in your iPhone and iPad for free right now. But it must be caveated that beta versions are not stable; they crash, they stutter and lag. But, installing the public beta version of iOS in your iPhone will surely give you enough importunate value to brag, and assume a so called “super user” position. And why not should we try new things. So let’s see the by step procedure to download and install iOS 9 public beta version in your iPhone.

Download and Install iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad for Free

Open the official website of Apple beta software program.

The website will ask your Apple ID credentials. Enter the Apple ID and password and login.

Agree to the user agreement and click the link to enroll your device on which you want to install the public beta version.

Now head over to the profile page of the beta website and install the profile. After this, you will get the iOS 9 public beta option in your Settings app of your iPhone.

You can then head over to the settings app and install the iOS 9 public beta just like any update.

You must take backup of your important data, apps and contacts because beta programs are not stable. They could crash and you cannot claim anything because Apple clearly warns that the beta version contains some flaws.

You can install apps and try new features. Most of the famous apps are not currently optimized for the iOS 9 public beta version. So don’t set the bar too high.

This was how to install iOS 9 in your iPhone and iPad for free right now. In case of any questions or feedback, feel free to comment.

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