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How to Make Remote Employees Feel more Connected



There are a lot of benefits to working remotely, both for the company and the employees. A traditional office is expensive, which means employers don’t save money by not having one, and they can pick the best talent no matter where they are located. Employees who work from home enjoy more flexibility, save on travel time, and spend more time with their families.

Developing strong connections is essential to building a successful business. Learn how to create a more connected remote workplace.

Have An Open Line Of Communication

Making your team feel heard is one of the best ways to make them feel connected. It is important for every company to keep a constant dialogue of feedback and communication, especially those with remote workers. Maintain regular team meetings to ensure each member is getting what they need to perform well. Create an environment where employees can voice questions or concerns without being reprimanded. It is more likely that employees will feel connected to the organization if they feel they can be honest with the organization.

Hold Weekly Video Meetings.

With some face-to-face interaction, your remote work team can also feel more connected. There are lots of studies out there that claim technology has destroyed face-to-face interactions. Even so, face-to-face interaction is actually possible with remote workers thanks to technology. To meet with remote workers every week, you can use a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Skype. Remote workers will be able to connect face-to-face through regular video conferences. Thus, they will be able to form stronger bonds with their coworkers. 

Establish Fun Company Traditions.

The in-person work environment allows for easy establishment of fun company traditions. You can, for instance, have an office party with pizza and cake on each employee’s birthday. You can play board games every month on the last Friday. Keep these fun company traditions going online when you want to make your remote team feel more connected. Now, what can you do?

Think virtual holiday party ideas, virtual birthday cards, coffee morning via webcam, and more. There are many company traditions you could create where you encourage your remote employees to feel more connected.

Why Is Keeping A Remote Team Connected Important?

Your team members who work from home may not have the ability to connect with each other and the company as a whole since they might be working from different locations. One study conducted by Harvard Business Review of 1,100 individuals found that people who work remotely tend to feel as if their colleagues mistreat them and leave them out of things. This could cause your remote workers to not be as productive as they could be and negatively affect the morale and productivity of your business as well.

Employee connection is an important factor that can affect how your team members perceive your organization as well as productivity and morale. A high turnover rate can result when your employees do not feel connected to the company and its mission, so if they do not feel connected, they will not feel connected to you.

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