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How to Unlock Mac Without iCloud, Apple ID

by Fahad Saleem

Apple’s Mac gives an option to use two kinds of login passwords methods at the time of initial setup. The first is to use the iCloud id to login Mac, which saves the hassle of creating a separate ID, remembering passwords. Many users opt for this option. But what if your iCloud id gets hacked, or you don’t remember the password. You will get loss at both the end. It’s always better to use different passwords and identities to avoid any problem during a security breach. Here’s how to login Mac using a separate login password. This will let you login Mac without iCloud id.

Log in Mac With a Separate Login ID and Password

Open the  Apple menu in Mac and launch System Preferences.

Click “Users & Groups” and select the Mac id. Remember, this will be the ID you will be using after the completion of the process.

Just beside the user name, you will see a ‘Change Password’ button. Click it.

A windows will ask you some options. Just click “use separate password”.

Make new password, confirm it.

That’s it. You have created a new login id and password which you will be using to login Mac instead of your iCloud id or Apple ID.

In case you change your mind, just head over to the system preferences and you could select the option which lets you login Mac using iCloud id.


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