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How to Upload Videos to Twitter in Android and iPhone

by Fahad Saleem
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Twitter is becoming the new addiction of many, and it’s no more the place full of boring journalists and politicians breaking news. It’s becoming cool and pretty interesting to use Twitter with Vine integration, videos and other features. A lot of users have asked us about how to upload videos to Twitter from mobile. Earlier this year, Twitter finally announced that it will let its users upload videos. Here’s a bad news: you can only post a video to Twitter which is no more than 30 seconds in length. Like its 160 characters limit, Twitter has also put a limit to video. Anyways, let’s see how to upload video on Twitter in iPhone and Android .

Upload Videos to Twitter from Mobile

Upload Videos to Twitter Android

Launch Twitter app in Android.

Tap the Camera button just below the place where you write the tweet.

Now switch to the video mode if not already by tapping the movie camera icon.

upload video to twitter

In order to record the video, hold the camera button. The recording will start. Remember, you can only record video up to 30 seconds.

Tap ‘Done’ and ‘Tweet’ to post the video.

You can also use the native video editor of Twitter to edit the video, preview it, change the order to slides and sequence to make video more interesting.

I know you are waiting for the method using which you could upload videos to Twitter from your gallery, the recorded videos. Here’s another bad news: Twitter hasn’t yet rolled out video upload feature from Gallery for Android users up till now. It has promised to do so very soon. This feature is available for iOS users only.

Upload Videos to Twitter iPhone

In order to upload videos to Twitter in iPhone, launch Twitter app from your iPhone.

The rest of the process to upload a video by run-time recording is same as above.

But if you want to upload a recorded video from the Gallery to Twitter in iPhone, follow these steps:

Tap the Tweet icon , which is used to activate the text box for writing a new tweet.


Tap camera icon and select the video from gallery.

If the video is under 30 seconds, well and good; otherwise tap the ‘Trim’ button to edit it and make it of 30 seconds.

Tap ‘Tweet’.

The video will be uploaded in a few moments.

This was how to upload videos to Twitter in Android and iPhone. Let me know in case of any problem in the comments section.

Images: makeuseof

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