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How To Use Torrents in Android To Download Movies, Software, Apps

by Fahad Saleem

Torrents are a great way to download movies, software, programs. You can download big files with a lot of ease; pause the download anytime you want, resume downloads and manage all the downloading. With smartphones around, you must have thought about using torrents on your Android phone to download movies, software and apps. Luckily, you can use Torrents on Android to download movies, software or anything you want for free. Of course, you will have to use torrent clients, torrents apps for this. There are some pretty good free torrents app for Android. Let’s see some of them.

Download Movies, Software From Torrents on Android


aDownloader is the best free torrent app for Android. Just go to the Play Store and download, specify the location you want to save the downloads.

Now open the browser in your Android device and go to any famous torrent repo, like, and search the torrents for any movie, software or anything what you are looking for.

From the list, click the most reliable file. It must be from the famous sources, must have good seed health and leeches.

A torrent file will be downloaded in your device. Tap it and if prompted to select a program to open this kind of file, select aDownloader.

You torrent download will start. Enjoy.


tTorrent is also a great way to download torrents on Android for downloading movies, software, apps. The app is free as well as paid. The free version works perfectly, except for the fact that it caps the download speed to 250kb/s. If you want no speed limit, spend $4 to buy the app. You can search torrents in the tTorrent app. The interface is simple and easy.

Official uTorrent/BitTorent App

What could be better than the official torrent app of BitTorrent. The official app actually packs two torrent clients, which are the most famous: uTorrent client and BitTorrent client. You can switch in between the two versions easily.

Torrent Movie Download

Torrent Movie Download app is also a best free way to watch movies on Android device using torrents. It has two separate apps: one of for searching torrents and the other one is to manage downloads. It also serves as a great download managers, and supports up to 16 parallel download threads, which is not offered by any other app in the town.

These are some of the best ways to use torrents in Android to download movies, software and anything from torrents. Share your feedback in comments.

Image: arwebzone

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