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IBM Launches A E-Health System In Ghana, Morocco & Kenya

by Felix Omondi

IBM Launches A E-Health System In Ghana, Morocco & Kenya

IBM has launched a secure, intelligent and effective eHealth System in Ghana, Morocco and Kenya. The eHealth System will be used for storing, analyzing and accessing health information in a digital cloud built on the IBM Mainframe.

The initiative will enable reliable, deep analysis and mobile access to critical public health insights. The continuing work on this project will be taken up by the IBM Research – Africa lab’s Mainframe computer in liaison with the Israel-based IBM Research facility established in Haifa. The goal of the initiative is to improve critical public health and staff development in Ghana, Morocco and Kenya.

IBM has also deployed its own 42 specialists who have been working with both national and local agencies on the blueprints for embracing cutting edge methodologies that will streamline and automate their operations at both the local and national levels.

In Ghana, the specialist helped the Ghanaian health officers analyze health data stored in the digital cloud and came up with healthcare policies and a framework for executing these policies. The target being, allocating more resources to fight against Ghana’s high rate of mother-to-child HIV infection, and reduce it to 5% by the year 2018 and to a further 1% by 2020.

Currently, Ghana’s HIV testing for expecting mothers is deferred since there is no public awareness for mothers to go for tests, those who go the test are not well served due to limited access to the diagnostic tests, and there is a cultural stigmatization on the HIV patients. However, IBM in partnership with the Yale University and the One Campaign, are working on creating awareness on the disease at the national, district and community levels.

In Morocco, IBM is working with Ibn Rochd Hospital to come up with a system that will ensure patients get the right medicines at the right time. IBM specialists in the country have recommended that the hospital adopts the “business process management” into its pharmacy operations. A philosophy is currently being used by many successful for-profit commercial organizations.

While the Moroccan Association for Fight against AIDS has proposed a centralized process of storing, sharing and quickly analyzing large amounts of data. IBM has also proposed the adoption of social media to widen the stakeholders’ engagement and education.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, more than 50 students and software developers have been undergoing training at the Strathmore University’s iLab Africa where they are learning the latest software app developments, product development, project management and commercialization skills that will enable the youths to get employment through IBM’s Africa Skills Initiative.

At the iLab Africa, the youth are exposed to cloud, big data analysis and mobile computing skills. In addition to this, they get training on developing mobile apps on the IBM Bluemix that will address real-life challenges unique to Africa’s agriculture, micro-finance, security and vehicular traffic. They are also being introduced into the “Internet of Things”.

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