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In celebration of #InternationalWomensDay, here’s $25 Million Grant for Women/Girls Projects


Today, Monday, March 8, 2021, is International Women’s Day! You probably already know that, given it is trending everywhere and has made it to today’s Google .com doodle page. Oh, before we get any further, please check out some of the prolific women that Google has chosen to highlight on this special occasion for the feminine gender.

Then again, this is Google we are talking about, and we expect so much more from the search engine giant than just memes and videos from the past. Well, on that front, they have not disappointed either.

Through its Impact Challenge program, has unveiled a series of programs aimed at empowering nonprofits and social enterprises championing women and girls’ empowerment worldwide. The company has pledged grants to the tune of $25 million that will be channeled to these programs.

No doubt the money will go a long way in efforts towards curbing the systemic barriers and inequalities women face across the globe. Some of the intended goals include giving women equal access to economic empowerment opportunities, a chance to build their financial independence, and space to pursue entrepreneurship.

Whatever these teams need, we are going to be alongside them and help carry out their vision,” – said Jacquelline Fuller, the President of

Fuller pointed out that despite the fact that India makes up for the second-largest market on the world internet. Indian women make up just a small percentage of that online space. Thus, will be channeling an additional $1 million to the Indian online space in a bid to bring more women on board the digital economy.

Revamped Google Pay app to showcase Entrepreneurs’ Hustle

In a bid to bring up entrepreneurs hustle in front of the right clients, Google has announced that it will be rolling out a new feature on the Google Pay app. This feature will be showcasing business pages at zero cost to the entrepreneurs.

Call it free advertising on Google Pay, but one where the business owner does not pay to have their business page featured. Women entrepreneurs will get equal representation on the free feature on the Google Pay app.

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