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Just how annoyed are people getting with Google’s in-app surveys?

by Felix Omondi

Some Pixel 2 XL users are finding Google surveys embedded right inside the Settings page on their phones. Is there no more sacrosanct places with these big corporation. The lack of respect they show!

Pixel 2 XL owners came online to lash out at Google and there was no doubt the issue was very polarizing. Other users are now starting to report seeing similar customer surveys within the Google apps.

Android Central shows the survey running inside Android Messages SMS client, but not just in the Pixel phones, other Android devices are also affected. The featured a ZTE Axon 7 displaying the survey by Google.

google pixel 2 xl

Img Credit: Android Central

The dialogue box on which Google is running the survey on Messages looks similar to the one previously reported on the Settings page of the Pixel 2 XL phones. It starts with a prompt for a few questions by Google based on your satisfaction levels with the app. If you agree to take part in the survey, you dialogue box pops up bigger with a series of question designed to gauge your level of satisfaction.

Although people seem less disturbed by survey inside an app than in the settings page. Much like how Windows users don’t mind seeing Microsoft’s ads on Start Menu but will call out the company for displaying them within the File Explorer.

See: Microsoft running Ads inside File Explorer. There’s nothing sacred anymore

The big corporations, though on their platforms, should pick a more graceful way to advertise their services. Certain places like the File Explorer and Settings page should be sacrosant, more so if the user has to pay premium price to use it, such as it is the case with Windows 10.

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