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Leakage: Samsung is preparing to launch a Chromebook with an impressive Camera

by Felix Omondi
samsung chromebook chromeos Samsung Nautilus Chromebook

Samsung-made Chromebooks, though impressive, they have consistently failed to knock off the socks on tech reviewers. The good thing about the South Korean tech giant, it is always willing to listen to positive criticism and shake up its formula on their next release.

Chrome Unboxed believes they have stumbled upon a code reference that indicates that Samsung will soon be launching the ‘Nautilus’ a Chrome OS tablet. Well, this revelation is actually a follow up to a series of hints that began back in November 2017.

The Nautilus will be a detachable Chrome OS power tablet. From the looks of it, the device might not be the Google-powered Galaxy Book. The 2-in-1 device runs on the 7th generation of Intel Core chipsets just like devices running Windows.

It also seems the Chromebook will feature the Sony IMX258 camera; the same one used in LG G6. Considering the fact that the very best camera on Chromebooks features a 720p at best, this device has set the bar way higher for camera quality on Chromebooks. It just might be the first Chrome OS device camera you will enjoy using.

There still not much definitive clues about the Samsung Nautilus Chromebook just yet, however, the details at hand suggest the device will definitely be a detachable one. It will also have a relatively compact design featuring a 12-inch display maximum.

So the biggest question is, when will Samsung launch this device? Our guess would be during this year’s CES later this month, but that is simply that, a guess. It could be a while before Samsung launches the device or more details about it becomes available.

Of course, the next big question is the price. Again we guess it will be costly, given the fact Samsung chose to use the pricey Intel chipset on this device. That said, it remains to be seen if Nautilus will be able to compete with the high-end Chromebook Pixelbook.

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