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Learn WordPress With These Best Free Tutorials, eBooks and Videos for Beginners

by Fahad Saleem

Learn WordPress With These Best Free Tutorials, eBooks and Videos for Beginners

WordPress is the most famous, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing content management system to date. More than 14 billion WordPress pages are viewed online by around 400 million people each month. If you want to learn WordPress online, there are abundant free resources like eBooks, tutorials, courses and guides. Learning WordPress from scratch will let you make your own websites, become a website developer and earn thousands of dollars, because there is a high demand of a WordPress developer around the world. Let’s see some of the best free WordPress tutorials online.

Udemy Free Course for WordPress  [Video Course]

When it comes to online courses, Udemy has not match. Udemy’s WordPress video and web course will walk you through the complete processing of building WordPress websites. Registering a domain, coding, developing themes and publishing. The course is free and one of the best resources to learn WordPress online.

WP Beginner [Web]

WP Beginner is by favorite website because it addresses almost every day to day WordPress problem any comes across. From tutorials for beginners to pro level WordPress problem fixes, the website offers everything for free.

WP101 [Video+Web]

WP101 is another best free tutorial to learn WordPress online. It has a series of videos and web tutorials which will make you learn WordPress website development the easy way.

WordPress Lessons [Web]

WordPress Lessons has everything which you need to learn WordPress online: from making an account on WordPress to the advanced level of making WordPress themes, you will get each and everything at your disposal here for free.

WordPress Websites Step-By-Step (eBook)

If you happen to be a complete noob and all you know is how to copy text and paste it in computer and still want to learn WordPress, this eBook is for you. Everything is explained step by step, in phases and makes it way up towards the difficult areas with slowly.

Tus Plus [Web]

Tuts Plus has books, courses and web tutorials and place where you could actually try running the pieces of codes. This resource is a powerhouse to learn WordPress and one of the best free WordPress tutorial to date.

WordPress Video Tutorials by James Stafford [Video]

James Stafford has dwindled everything in this one hour long free video, in which you will learn how to make a WordPress blog, optimize it for SEO, fixing and installing plugins and much more. This is one of the best video tutorials on WordPress for beginners.

These are some best free WordPress tutorials, eBooks, videos and courses to learn WordPress online. Let us know if you want more guidance about learning anything related to technology.

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