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Live Colors for Kids: A Finger Painting iOS App for Kids

by Fahad Saleem

 Live Colors for Kids: A Finger Painting iOS App for Kids

Live Colors for kids is a finger painting App which makes finger painting a completely new thing without making any mess. The app is mainly created for preschool aged kids for learning purpose. But it seems older children also tend to have fun with it. This app lets children even with the littlest of fingers to paint easily on pictures or with an empty template to paint whatever they like. It comes with a simple interface with just four options. There is “blank canvas” option using which kids can draw whatever they like, “My drawings” where all saved pictures are, “Pictures to paint” where they can paint pictures and “For Parents” where information for parents is there.

kids 2

The app is available with a price tag of $0.99 which is quite cheap for all this app provides. A child can choose between 20 pictures to color which is quite less, but the creativity is a lot too due to the blacn canvas option in which they can draw whatever they like. There is also a Voice which guides the child with everything. When the pictures is opened the voice tells what is inside the picture and what should a child do. When the child selects a color the voice tells the name of the color which is a great way to learn names of color.

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There is an option of total six colors, where there is an option with every color to mix it to create more colors. Children can mix colors to create a new one, though mixing colors needs more skill but still it is a good option to have. Children can also erase and restart a picture and can also save picture to paint it later. Saved pictures can also be shared on social media right from the album.

kids 4

There is also an option where a finished picture is provided and the goal is to color the same way. This option is made for a higher level, where kids can learn color and choose to use appropriate colors. There are no app purchases and other outside advertisement links in this app. It is compatible with iOS 6.0 and above, though it is better for iPad but it works well on iPhone too.

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