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Loco Motors: Amazing Stunt Game for iPad and iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

Loco Motors: Amazing Stunt Game for iPad and iPhone

Looking for an interesting game for your iPad and iPhone? Here is a Loco Motors game available for you to play and design many wacky cars. It is a game that all car lovers will love to play. This game allows you to design and play. It offers you to enjoy and play games with your designed car through 50 levels. To reach the next level, you just have to reach the “Finish” line. You will also get additional points and bonuses when you complete the level in style and on time.

loco motors 7 loco motors 5

It is just a 2D game based on the physics puzzler. You don’t have to steer any car just use the built-in controls to move your car through the game. These designs of the car take more time than it takes to complete the designed levels in the car. You can in general complete the track in just five seconds, but making your car and its design to complete the challenge is the main task in this game.

loco motors 6

With every increase in the level, you will get to see different locations, ledges, bonuses and ramps etc. The vehicles have to keep on moving through these obstacles without getting short of fuel. To design a car, you need to have a seat, wheel, fuel tank for fuel storage and one engine for making it work. In case you need to have more power in your car, you can also add more than one engine in your car. Not only this, design the shape of the car, according to your own design.

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Once you started playing this game, with time your car and its equipment will get more powerful and will make minute errors. The different stages in the games are not that challenging. You can play the game easily. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t offer any in-app purchasing offers. You only have to buy this game once from the App Store.

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The graphical quality of Loco Motors is like Pixar animated film. The images look like 3D renders. This image is varied, however, this makes the style of this game unique. You might find some aliasing in this game, but this also is dependent on the device you are using for playing this game. This game works smoothly with iPhone 5 and above, whereas might have some issues of slowness when played on older phones.

Loco Motors is a wonderful app that you can download just by spending$1.99. You should download it now as the prices are expected to rise to $4.99 by the end of their starting period. This game is worth your time and money. Download this application using the link provided below.

Download Loco Motors

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