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Machine Learning courses from Amazon now available for free

by Felix Omondi
amazon machine learning courses

Good news to all developers signed up to the Amazon AWS platform. You will now be able to access all of Machine Learning (ML) courses available therein for free. Amazon made this announcement today.

Previously, the courses were only available to Amazon employees, but now, anyone who signs up for the Amazon Web Services free plan can have access to the ML courses. The courses total 30 and will take you over 45 hours to cover the learning materials, which is also available as videos and lab tests.

Amazon’s ML courses are said to include content suitable for beginners, advanced developers, and anyone else between that spectrum. The e-commerce giant is primarily targeting four groups of learners; business professionals, data platform engineers, data scientists, and developers.

The ML courses start with the fundamental concepts and take the learners through real-world examples such as predictive gift wrapping eligibility for products in a typical store. There course further extends to optimizing delivery routes and even to entertainment award nominations prediction based on data from IMDb’s database on movies.

It’s not Free all the way

While Amazon has made the courses free, users will have to pay for the cloud services they will be needing to execute lab tests. Learners will also have to pay for an exam that will get them ‘AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty’ certification. The exam will be priced at $300, though currently there is a 50% discount offer.

In addition to making the courses free, Amazon also last year released a new tool Sagemaker, which helps developers quickly build and deploy ML applications faster. To check out Amazon courses, click here.

It is also interesting to note that Amazon’s biggest competitor in the cloud computing front, Google, partnered with Coursera to offer fa ree crash course on ML. The courses also include some special courses that learners are required to pay. Microsoft too has a similar paid program for teaching developers matters ML.

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