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Media Startup OogeeWoogee Creates Comic to Address Tamir Rice and Oregon Militia

by Gina Williamson

Media startup OogeeWoogee has been around for less than two years and is already a global multimedia platform securing partnership deals with top sites including (a platform with over 5 million followers).

Headquartered in Philadelphia, OogeeWoogee’s platform aims to serve the underserved and provide a megaphone for people losing their voice. They provide perspectives from every angle and shed light on the positivity, intelligence and beauty around the world.

Today, readers are overloaded with social media and news outlets containing stories about violence and discrimination. By now, we should all know about Tamir Rice and the Oregon Militia Standoff. When reading these stories, most imagine a different outcome and ask the same question “What if the scenario turned out different? OogeeWoogee addresses the “What If” questions within this well-illustrated comic featuring the superhero we could only imagine.

The superhero featured in the comic is OogeeMan, the young superhero wading through a racially “Divided States of America” with two striking revelations: The unjust, tragic death of an innocent black American boy versus an entitled, dangerous Oregon militia. Watch as he single-handedly takes on the militia and questions his own sense of national pride and morality. In the 10-page strip, OogeeWoogee’s Ilustrator/Creator, Michael White and Content Director, Wilkins Brutus creates a fictional series of events to showcase, “What if the scenario turned out different?”

About OogeeWoogee
OogeeWoogee is a global multimedia platform for the intersection between global Hip Hop, society and counterculture. Recently featured on RT AmericaMTVBETXXLComplex,  SiriusXM, (Karen Hunter Show) and at the Twitter headquarters as one of the new media platforms “Changing Media”. OogeeWoogee was created for the community, by the community. We are not influenced by popular opinion: Whether it’s good news or bad news, when we tell it… it’s not their


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