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Meet Odunayo Eweniyi, a Panelist at #AWIT19 conference in Lagos, Nigeria

by Milicent Atieno
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Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you Odunayo Eweniyi. She is one of the tens of women who will be speaking at this year’s African Women In Technology (AWIT). The event will be held at the Zone Tech Park in Lagos, Nigeria from March 29-30, 2019.

Here is a snippet of innov8tiv’s sit-down with Odunayo Eweniyi:

african women in tech awitWhat does technology represent to you and why did you choose this field?

To me, technology means progress. It means, for all intents and purposes, a more level playing field, because it has a lot to do with what you can imagine.

The technology industry is for the most part so quick moving that things that are created today are superseded by more up to date enhanced versions in a matter of moments by any means. It’s exciting.

How long have you been exposed to the African tech field, and how has this influenced your knowledge of technological advancement in Africa?

I’ve been working in African tech for about 5 years now, and more and more, it is increasingly obvious just how much tech can do for Africa and how much we need it. M-PESA, Paystack, PiggyVest, Seacom, Team Apt – these are companies changing how people relate with certain services just by applying technology across payments, savings, the internet itself and banking. The way I see it, the tech revolution of Africa is very, very close.

As an African woman in tech, what is the most significant challenge you have faced professionally?

As a woman in tech, there are always misconceptions about you. From your capabilities, to your strengths and weaknesses etc. People have previously drawn conclusions about me, just by virtue of being a lady, but for the most part, I just keep my head down and do the work. Allowing the external noise in is not advantageous to me, so I just tune it out. A laser focus on my goals helps keep me straight.

How important has Social Media become for professional and personal branding?

You might not think of yourself as a brand, but the truth is you are. Today, everyone is a brand–even if you’re not trying to be. “Regular” workers even have their own brands; as a business owner, you are definitely a brand.

When you engage in personal branding, you make the effort to manage the way you present yourself to others. This happens offline as well as online. Think about the way you interact with your potential customers and the way you want other business owners to view you. Chances are you are already working on your personal brand without realizing that’s what you’re doing.

Social media is one way that you can share more information about your personal brand. By extension, you’ll also be helping your business since you are associated with your business, even if you have built a company that is largely independent. Social media is one of the biggest ways for you to manage your personal brand online. That’s how I approach it.

In your experience, how has strategic networking influenced your career?

Developing my network opens doors to new ideas, people, and careers. It has helped me find new opportunities, and I realized that the the more people in my network, the more people there are who know me, know my work ethic, and are there to recommend me for opportunities in my field.

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