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OfficeIQ Enterprise Device To Solve Corporate Health Problem of Too Much Sitting

by Fahad Saleem

Numerous studies have now established that sitting consistently for a longer period of time is perhaps the primary reason of life-threatening diseases like heart attack, liver problems, obesity and breathing issues. Sitting all day- lie most of us do in jobs, school, home- is the epitome of modern sedentary lives. But a new enterprise product is about to be launched which will not only allow you to work productively in a “sit-stand” environment, it will also allow you to efficiently track the performance, condition and state of the internal working of your mind and body.

OfficeIQ sit stand software 1

Humanscale is a famous company which developed a useful desk, which allows its users to work in a combination of sit-stand postures in order to minimize the detrimental effects of constant sitting. Humanscale has joined hands with Tome Software’s OfficeIQ program to develop a software-hardware combination based product which will allow the people in the Enterprise to not only use the sit-stand environment of the device, but they can also get each and every detail, results and effects of this environment on their phones.

OfficeIQ 3

The device is basically a sensor and a software which is fixed under the famous Quicksand and Float sit-stand desks of Humanscale. The sensor calculates the instances when the user of sitting, standing based on the positions of the desk. It then counts calories burnt, movements and synchs with the Android and iPhone to send all the data to the companion app.

Each desk monitors data, movements and health attributes for the particular users of that desk, but all the data from all the desks in an Enterprise environment and office could be aggregated using a Bluetooth wireless hub provided by the company. This hub helps getting the overall trend, healthcare information and graphs of the overall user sitting, standing habits, company’s performance etc.

Office IQ 2

OfficeIQ sit 4

OfficeIQ also alerts a user with a smart notification on mobile or PC when he/she is sitting for too long.

This revolutionary device is under rigorous beta testing since long, and will be rolled out at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Images: TheNextWeb

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