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Online Gambling Tips: How to Beat Wagering Requirements


The world of online gambling is fun and exciting, but there are definitely a few tricks of the trade that you’ll want to be acquainted with.

Wagering requirements can be annoying. Why can’t you just have your money? Why are there so many strings attached? 

We want to help you out. 

Keep reading to learn about wagering requirements and how you might be able to beat them. 

What Are Wagering Requirements? 

A wager is a bet that you make on the casino game that you’re playing. A wagering requirement revolves around the different things that you might have to do in order to receive your bonus money.

When you’re signing up to play a game, you’re likely going to receive bonus money as well. That bonus money isn’t totally yours yet though, you need to actually “win it” back. 

If you sign up to play a game, you may have to spend x amount of money or play the casino bonus x amount of times before you’re able to receive the funds. Different casinos have different wagering requirements. Sometimes the wagering requirements only apply to one game. 

This can be confusing to anyone who’s not totally familiar with wagering requirements, but if you’re not into all of the mind games and calculation, you can avoid these issues and learn how to beat wagering requirements

Identify the Terms and Conditions

If you want to avoid high wagering requirements, you’re going to want to read the terms and conditions before you blindly accept them (don’t worry, we skip them too sometimes).

Legally, casinos have to make the requirements of their games crystal clear. There may be rules in place that disallow you from withdrawing money at all while your bonus is in play (thus invalidating it if you try) and they should make it evident how much of a bonus you’re going to be playing for and how many times you’ll have to play to actually earn it. 

While you can calculate these things on your own, often the terms will lay them right out for you.

The Right Casino Makes All the Difference

Not all casinos are alike. Some of them have very low wagering requirements for certain games, making the games accessible. These games are often harder to win.

There are also wager-free bonuses, though they’re not common. Sometimes they’re temporary as a casino is just getting started.

Choosing the right place and the right game might be all it takes in order for you to avoid the pesky requirements that are keeping you from your money. 

You won’t be able to avoid all wagering requirements, but choosing low requirements with games that you enjoy playing is a great step. If more people choose these casinos and games, more casinos may be willing to lower their wagering requirements, making it easier for everyone. 

Ready to Place a Bet? 

Wagering requirements are annoying, but when you’re playing with casino wagers, you’ll likely have to deal with them. Being choosy about where you play is the first step towards getting those bonuses that you want. 

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