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How to pause the new WhatsApp Status Update enough to read; it moves to next too fast

by Milicent Atieno
WhatsApp Status Update

The new WhatsApp update draws mixed reactions. There are some who are of the view it is the most terrible feature ever to arrive on the messaging app, while there are some who love it.

Be that as it may, one thing you probably find annoying about the new WhatsApp Status is that it scrolls to the next too fast, especially if a contact has video or picture with a lot of text you need to read through.  As it is, you have to be a fast reader to read it just in time before the next status from another contact rolls in.

Well, there is no-brainer trick to solve this, and most of you have probably stumbled upon it already. To pause a video or a picture simply tab the screen and hold. The video will be automatically paused, and the pictures (rolling in like some slideshow) will be paused.

The minute you lift your finger from the screen the video will continue playing or the pictures slideshow will continue playing. It is as simple as that!

In other news, the old WhatsApp Status update

When WhatsApp rolled out the new Status feature (stolen from SnapChat and mimicking Instagram’s Stories), it did away with the old text-based Status Update. While the new Status allows you to broadcast short videos (45 seconds long at maximum), GIFs, photos, and texts for 24 hours before they vanish. Most users feel short-changed as they still found a use for the old Status Update that allowed them to tell their contacts what they are up to.

It appears the company has realized many people are missing the old Status Update despite the new one having more functionality. They are thus working on running both the old and new Status side-to-side where you will get to see the Status stories (with videos, GIFs, and photos) and the old one. It is already available on the beta version of WhatsApp and set to roll on to the stable version soon.

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