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How to Run a Successful Business Through Instagram (Tips and Hacks)


When you have a business, the top thing that you can do is use social media to your advantage. However, it is vital to know how to make social media really work for you. Instagram has a lot to offer, but there are some particular tips and hacks to help you along the way.

If you’re curious about how to be successful on Instagram with your business, check these out.

Start with the Profile

The first step to a successful business on IG is to create your profile. You need to create an account, name it, and do all of the profile things. This includes a catchy profile photo and your bio description. Also, please mind that:

  • The bio only allows for 150 characters, so come up with something short and sweet to put here.
  • You should also try integrating some keywords that are related to your business.
  • Maybe some top hashtags will help out here as well.
  • This is also your place to add any type of link. You won’t be able to add those in your IG posts, so be sure you keep this updated.

Grow Your Following

Once you get the account set up, you need followers. This is going to take some time. You’re going to need to follow other people and then encourage people you know to follow you and share.

That’s the starting point, and then you need to grow your following from there. On Instagram, likes are very important. You can buy 25 likes from real people on Instagram to get you started or boost your following a bit. If you decide to make such a purchase, be sure to use a reputable company that gives you real likes from active accounts.

Once you get the groundwork, you can strategize ways to keep growing those numbers. This will be very important to your overall success.

Consistency is Key

The best way to engage with others and continue to grow your fan base is to be consistent. Make sure you are adding regular content for people to dig into. On Instagram, there are several different options for content.

You can make posts that are engaging. Create a good mix of fun, simple posts and longer, educational posts, etc. The algorithm really appreciates this type of mix and actually loves longer posts that reflect valuable content.

Make sure you utilize a good mix of photos, videos, and stories. You might even want to consider IGTV as you continue to grow. People really dig into all of the different aspects. Adding a variety of things will help keep your content fresh but also might help you to determine what content works best.

Hashtags Galore

Hashtags are vital on Instagram. You should have a few in your bio, and you should definitely be adding them to every post. Creating your Instagram account for success requires hashtags. The good news is that you can pick whatever hashtags you want to use and change them with every post.

Do a little bit of research. You can do this by looking at Instagram pages similar to you and seeing what they use. You can also just search for hashtags related to your business and see what is popular.

You want the hashtags that you use to be relevant to your business and content, so keep that in mind. You are allowed to include 30 hashtags at a time, which leaves you a lot of room. Try to use all 30 of them if you can!

We recommend a mix of keywords and then some popular generic tags. Things like #instagood have a little bit of everything in them and those are incredibly popular.

Learn to Partner Up

One great way to grow your business on Instagram and get more followers is to collaborate. If you can tag other people in your posts or find an influencer willing to collaborate with you, this is an awesome way to get seen.

There are tons of influencers that will gladly mention you or share a product if you simply send them your product.

You can also share content from other people that you love. Just be sure to always directly tag those individuals in hopes that they will actually see your post as well. Partnering up, tagging, and collaborating can go a long way, and it might just be the boost you need.

Turn Up the Engagement

Don’t forget to engage with others. You will need to engage on your own account with followers. You should also make an effort to engage with people outside of your own account.

If you follow related types of businesses, you can engage with them. In fact, you can engage with any account that you follow. It’s just one more way to be seen.

Of course, when people are active on your content, you should be actively engaging with them as well. It’s just part of the cycle. The more you engage, the more you might get seen. It also encourages other people to engage with you, which can also help you be seen in someone’s feed.

Take a Look at the Numbers

Once you start posting routine content, you also need to review the numbers. Instagram has analytical tools, as does any scheduling tool that you might decide to use.Such tools will help you be more successful.

You can check out each post that you’ve made and see what kind of action has happened with it. You can also review the data on your account in general to see if your account is growing or not.

Look at the details and pinpoint what is working. Use these approaches more often. If something appeared to not work at all, it could be timing, or it could be that approach.

You’re going to find that some things work better than others. You will also find that there might be a target time when your audience is most engaged, and you can then target those times more directly.


Finally, you need to strategize. Some people just play it by ear and toss something out there when they feel like it. It’s ok to have a great idea and put it up on the spot. However, the best thing that you can do is to actively strategize and plan content.

When you do this, you have guaranteed ongoing content. Don’t forget that you haven’t posted for a couple of days.

Create a strategy that considers what you want to accomplish on Instagram. Who is your target market, and what type of content do you want to create? Then, plan to create some sort of schedule that follows your strategy.

You can always mix it up and do things on the fly, but you should use your strategy to make sure you always have something prepared for your followers.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a competitive playing field full of brands and small businesses, but there is always room for one more. The keys to being successful are to be consistent and to find some way to catch people’s attention. Don’t forget to find inspiration from others and simply stay consistent in providing your followers content and growing your following.

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