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Plan and Organize Events, Meetings, Trips and Dinners Using “WePopp”

by Fahad Saleem

Plan and Organize Events, Meetings, Trips and Dinners Using “WePopp”
When friends plan to hangout, go for weekend trips, go for dinner or hiking tours, it takes ages to plan, schedule and decide. There is always someone with an objection, a meeting, office work, distance issue or some kind of fuss. Planning events, setting dates, scheduling trips, syncing commitments, deciding venues, finalizing places to visit will now be easier than even after reading this post, because we have an amazing app to share with you that was designed for these sorts of things. Yes, the one and the only “WePopp” lets you plan the events, discuss, decide and finalize the meetings trips, dinners and hangouts with friends with just simple taps on your smartphone. No fussy phone calls, no meetings, no maps, no nothing. With WePopp, you can easily sit at your couch, just swirl over your “plan”, share with your friends using the invite feature and wait for the “others” to respond on this.

WePopp is a social networking and event management app available free for Android and iOS

Last year, WePopp raised no less than €130,000 from a number of France-based angel investors that gave a boost to this great social app. Today, they announced a great feature : restaurant table booking via Open table. That’s really amazing! Now, using WePopp, you will be suggested three best restaurants based on your chosen location and hangout type. The suggestions will come directly from the OpenTable service, a US based online table booking service.

wepopp 1

WePopp has an amazing and easy to use interface. First, it will ask you to choose the type of meeting or event. For example, you can select tea, dinner, weekend trip and many other options. After this, you can jot down the location, number of people and other attributes and then send an invite to the friends.

wepopp 3

Your friends will be instantly notified about the plans of yours and then, they can share , discuss and edit it. Once everything is decided, you can just lock the event and book the table or place and that’s it.

WePopp is regarded as the most dominant competitor of Rundavoo, a US based event management software startup.

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