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Best Ways to Stay Entertained and Productive During Long Flights, According to Pro Travelers

by Fahad Saleem

Long flights could drain you. You need to have something planned out in advance if you are about to board a flight that is going to take hours before you hit the destination. You cannot stare here and there, look out of the Window or read that newspaper or small airline promotional booklet during your flight for hours. I prefer reading good books or watching a movie. But there are some great apps which you should use to keep yourselves entertained during long flights. You will not feel jet lag and also enjoy your journey if you do something productive and tangible in those long hours in the air. Reddit is where you get the best advices from real people in all matters of life. A famous thread asking for pro tips to survive long flights was bombarded with great tips and tricks given by some frequent travelers. Here is the gist of this.


Listening to interesting Podcasts is the best way to stay entertained on long haul flights. Here is why I prefer podcasts over songs: when you hear real people discussing a matter of your interest, time goes by without even you feeling it. You should load your iPod or smartphone with a lot of podcasts so you can switch between them as soon as you start feeling bored. Trust me, if you have good podcasts for your flight, you will land your destination as a much better and learned person.  Here is a great Podcast website to enjoy useful yet entertaining podcasts.

Here is another great app to discover best podcasts.

Movies and TV Series

Simple is better. Fill up your phone or tablet with movies and play them during flight. Or binge watching a TV series is a great option. The idea is to tackle your mind from straying off to tiredness. Addiction and suspense of TV series are enough to make the time fly as you fly.

Mobile Games

If you like mobile games, the best way to kill time on long haul flights is to play games and make score records. You can download the best mobile games in your phone and start playing them one by one during the flight.

Check out the best Android and iOS games lists to choose some for your flights.


A lot of Redditors recommended Xanax, an anti-depressant and sedative that makes the time “travel”, to quote a Redditor. However, I would suggest all the caution before using any kind of medicines.

Sleep Tips

If you are that lucky person who can sleep through turbulence, screaming babies and annoying voices, you should get sleep as that is the best way to kill time on long haul flights. When you have taken hours of sleep, and the plane is about to land, it’s the best feeling ever as you know you can land and enjoy the destination without wasting time in sleeping.

For those who cannot sleep easily on planes, buy noise cancellation headphones, travel pillow and eye covers. These things would help a lot in sleeping during long flights.

Did this guide help you? Tell us how you tackle long flights.

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