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Remix OS: World’s First Android Operating System for PC

by Fahad Saleem

Millions of people around the world want to use Android on big screens of their PC. Android being essentially a mobile platform does not allow a fluid user experience in PC screens. There are a few tips and third party apps using which you can install Android on your PC, but nothing provides a seamless and smooth experience. But a new startup called Jide which is run by ex-Googlers took this task head on and have made an efficient operating system based on Android which is specially designed and scaled for PC.

remix os 2

Remix OS For Windows and Mac PC: Use Android on PC

Meet Remix OS, the world’s first “true Android OS” for PC, as the Jide slogans claims. Remix OS has got more than one million downloads, and it is being received with a welcoming response all over the world. You can use Android on your PC and Mac using Remix OS.

remix os start

Remix OS is just a tweaked version of Android. When you will install it in your PC and run it, you will get to use Android-styled apps and software.

Task Bar, Start-Menu Like Interface

All the apps can be accessed from the lower left corner of the task bar. You can also install all Android apps from the Play Store and enjoy them on big screens. Remix OS has a taskbar, a start-button like pane  based on the Windows style. You can use multiple screens just like in windows. The task bar tray and menu helps you to locate the apps and make sense of the new operating system. This is usually easier for the Windows users. On the right lower corner, you can access notifications, sound, keyboard, language selection and calendar, just like we do in Windows.

remix 1

All on One Screen

Remix OS 2.0 version has a beautiful design. It allows you to use different apps on one screen. That means you don’t need to switch screens for multi-tasking. You can open your browser, video, Skype and other apps all on one screen.

remix os multi task


There is a sleek notification section on the right side of the operating system, which shows all your WhatsApp messages, emails, app status and more.

remix os notifications

File Manager

There is a separate and efficient file manager of Jide’s Remix OS, which can be used to store files and folders. The file manager efficiently compartmentalizes your files and data and syncs them with the Cloud.

remix os 4

Support for Office

Remix OS also natively supports the Office apps. Office apps are key to the daily productivity of students, Enterprise managers, normal or professional users. Remix OS takes care of this need.

Multiple Operating Systems option

If you install Remix OS on your Windows PC or Mac, you will be able to use both the operating systems at your discretion.

Lollipop Based X86-Android

Remix OS is based on X86-Android version. Remix OS is based on Android Lollipop. It houses more than 1.6 million native Android apps, but you can of course chose and select the apps.

remix os 5

Jide’s Mini-Computer for Android

Jide also launched a two in one mini tablet having two operating systems – Windows and Android. That was a huge success, given the fact that the device’s price tag was only $70. This tablet like small computer device by Jide has a  1.2GHz quad-core Allwinner processor. The storage space is 16Gb along with 2Gb of primary memory (RAM). This is a great device for anyone who loves Android’s flexibility for work and gaming.

You can download Remix OS from here. It is the best way to use Android on your PC. Let us know in the comments about your experience.

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