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How to Set Any Song as an iPhone Ringtone

by Fahad Saleem
set any song as iphone tone

How to Set Any Song as an iPhone Ringtone

The iPhone apps don’t have access to the necessary folders for settings tones as ringtones. You can sync your iPhone with iTunes for getting those tones to appear in your ringtones list. Let’s have a close look at the procedure to set any song as an iPhone ringtone using iTunes.


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Set Any Song as an iPhone Ringtone

  • From your PC, launch iTunes from Start Menu or from its shortcut.
  • From your library, you need to choose the song to be used as a ringtone. You are required to right-click on that song and then select Get Info.
  • Choose the Options tab and then tick the Start Time and Stop Time boxes. You have to input the times at which you desire the ringtone to start and stop. You will have to listen to the track first and then note down the time you desire it to start. The stop time must lie within 30 seconds, as this is the maximum length for a ringtone.

set any song as iphone tone

  • Click Ok. Now, you have to right-click on the track again and then choose “Create AAC version”. iTunes will perform the conversion. It will show up as a duplicate track. You can easily identify it from its track length. If you don’t see the option for creating AAC version, it is quite likely that your rip settings are for creating MP3 files. For changing these settings, you need to click the menu at the very top-left corner of iTunes and choose Preferences. Then, you have to click Import Settings, just next to “When you insert a CD’ and choose import using AAC encoder.
  • Right-click on the original track and then return the start and stop times to their original mark fusing the Options tab from the Get Info menu. Otherwise, when you play that track, it will only play the section between your selected start and stop times.
  • Right-click on the ringtone track and then click on the option of “Show in Windows Explorer”.

set any song as iphone tone

  • Change the extension of file from .m4a to .m4r. Double click on the file for adding it to the tones section of your iTunes library. It is not necessary to remove “song” ringtone from your music library within iTunes for this technique to work.

In this way, you can set any song as an iPhone ringtone. You will enjoy your favorite songs getting played when others call you or you may set them as reminders.

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