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How to Setup Apple CarPlay in Your Car [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

How to Setup Apple CarPlay in Your Car [Guide]

Apple introduced an innovative CarPlay system in 2013 that allows you to interact with your iPhone while you are driving. Until very recently, the Apple’s CarPlay was only available to Apple fans who purchase a brand new car. But, how to setup Apple CarPlay in your current car? Well, it is quite possible now. There are plenty of apps that you can use to get the CarPlay functionality in your car today. This article will show you how to setup Apple CarPlay in your current car.

Apple’s CarPlay system places the Siri on your steering wheel. The iOS-inspired dashboard allows you to interact with your iPhone while you are driving the car.

The Cupertino company has just launched SPH-DA120, which simply means that your car can have the latest CarPlay system installed on it.

How to Setup Apple CarPlay

One of the easiest methods to get the CarPlay feature in your car is to mount the iPad Mini on your dashboard. You can utilize the stands for placing iPad Mini. Many truck drivers use iPad Mini instead of iPhone because it is easy to use while driving. Hence, iPad Mini could well serve as the CarPlay system with all the features of navigation in it. However, you need to mount it in your car.

Power Your iPad Mini or iPhone in the Car

When you have mounted your iPad or iPhone in your car, you need to provide power to it. You will find many USB chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter.

How to Put the Siri Button on Your Steering Wheel

Another great thing about CarPlay is the provision of the Siri button on the steering wheel. This is used to control the CarPlay screen with the help of Siri. You can control your iPhone with Siri that gives an entirely new experience. The Siri can be used to control virtually everything from music to map directions for sending and replying to the messages.

You can use the Siri button on your car steering wheel with the help of the Mobile Home device by Beanco. This device easily connects to your iPhone (via Bluetooth) and then enables you to access Siri by pushing just the button. It is only available in the US at the moment. However, Beanco is shipping the $79 device with $18,95 surcharge.

How to Connect Siri to Your Car Speakers

You can also output the audio from your iPad to the speakers of the car if you have Bluetooth system enabled in your car for playing music. For more information about Car Speakers, check out ridebass.


After reviewing the amazing specs of the Apple’s CarPlay system, you will be eager to try out this system in your current car model. The system described in this article will just cost you around $175. We assume that you already have an iPad or iPhone for settings up Apple CarPlay system. Utilize the Siri commands to control iPad Mini and enjoy various features.

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