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Should You Delete Your Negative Reviews?


A negative review can spoil your online eminence more so if the review stands out in search results. The majority of customers have to look at online reviews before going to the premises. Reviews are essential in search of a local business.

Most of the time, business entities ask themselves how they can do away with the negative reviews. The online reputation management software scans user’s online reviews. With this software, you can safeguard your online integrity. Note that a poor online reputation will harm your brand, dignity, and even bring your company to its knees.

Importance of the online reputation management software

Online reputation management software has influenced search engine optimization. During online searches, product reviews and articles are the first to pop up. Companies have transformed review sites that direct visitors to their online platforms. Another advantage of online reputation management software is increasing transparency. It also helps in earning customer trust and quick response to customer complaints.

Why delete negative reviews?

First, the negative reviews will chase a potential customer away. Deletion makes sense if the review hurts your reputation. Most customers search for reviews of their local businesses in question. Some reviews are false and are set to attack the business image and reputation. Reviews may give inappropriate comments which put the name of the business at risk. These acts can be of the business’ competitors.

Can I delete the reviews?

From a client perspective, deletion of the negative review the user posts is possible. By visiting the Google site on the menu tab, click on contribution, and choose reviews. Having done that, you can delete with ease.

For businesses, it might be hard to delete the reviews posted by the customer. Reason being under every review that one cannot find the delete option to delete the review. The business entities that do so often undergo some steps, which we will discuss below. The most used means to check out reviews is the online reputation management software.

Win over the customer, and then ask them to edit their review. It is a strategy adopted to make the customer change his or her review. Addressing unwelcomed reviews protects your online image. It is an effective strategy of deleting the review. You should know how to respond to negative reviews. You should also thank the customer for leaving the review, as the review can point you in the right direction. Your business listens to the voice of the customer. This brings about customer satisfaction. The customer might change the negative review and post a positive one.

The following are reasons why deleting negative reviews is important.

Fake reviews

Giving fake reviews violates the rules of most review sites. Most entities remove reviews if the customer fails to prove a service experience. A customer cannot provide a genuine review if he is not having any experience with the business.

False claim response

The users can give out reviews that are true but mix them with false claims. Such reviews call for action, which is to delete them due to fraudulent claims. Besides deleting them, one can decide to reply to them through the public. The response is to clarify the records and claims.

Recognize TOS violations

There are terms of service that the reviews violate besides falsifications. A review attacking a particular employee. A review stating his or her name and discriminating against the employee is subject to removal. Reviews are only set to respond to the business’ services and not employees. Delete a review that specifies employees or staff.

Report reviews from former employees

Some review platforms do not allow their current employees to give a review concerning the firm. The same case to their former employees. A provision to follow the proper channel to report is recommendable. This is if a former employee posts a negative review.

Reply to negative customer experiences

Responding to negative customer reviews can be a solution. Replying to the reviews on time will show that you care about the customers’ experience. The response can change the customer’s attitude towards the entity’s brand.

The positive outcome is that now the customer can change the review to a positive one. The worst scenario is showing the potential customers how you treat the current ones. Hence, the customer’s care and service are very crucial.

With these steps, the business will benefit from acquiring a better brand. The entity also will have loyal customers and get honors in the future. It will assist the company in avoiding threats and risks that may spoil the brand name.

About the Author:

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Ron Evan is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a writer who takes his time writing articles about traveling, psychology, and digital marketing. He learned about the digital marketing industry accidentally almost four years ago. He is currently based in Taiwan, taking up an MBA degree with a focus on Marketing. During his free time, he enjoys going to karaoke, traveling, and watching Netflix.

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