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Signs You Need to Unwind from Working from Home and Ways to Do So


No matter how comfortable an idea it might sound, working from home is not easy. There are technological and network challenges, plus several distractions surrounding us.

It lacks discipline and the professional environment that one normally is accustomed to in an office. Plus, it takes a lot of time to get acclimatized to the new normal of clocking in from home with the same motivation.

In a nutshell, working from home might be comfortable, but it is frustrating. Therefore, there might come a need to unwind from all bulk load of work and blow some steam off.

But in this precarious situation where stepping outside the house has become a risk, how do you do that? Plus, how do you even know that you are suffering from burnout? The impacts of working from home are sinister and can take a toll on one’s mental health in ways unimaginable.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to spot the first signs of burnout and unwind soon. Here are a few tips that will help you spot the signs and help you get back to work with renewed zest.

You Feel a Lack of Energy Almost Always:

The biggest indicator of burnout is that you feel less energetic or almost drained out all the time. If you want to follow up with this symptom, try catching 8 hours of undisturbed sleep at night.

If you still feel sluggish at work the next morning, you shall know that you are suffering from the classic case of burnout. However, there is no reason to stress over this fact.

There are ways to energize yourself before you clock in. No matter what you do, refrain from oversleeping. This is just going to make things worse.

Have a cup of refreshing tea instead of coffee and take a walk outside in the fresh morning air. These shall be enough to bring in some difference.

You are Unable to Say No to More Work:

With the new normal of working from home, most managers have forgotten the boundaries of work. They feel entitled to your time, and this attitude is grossly inappropriate.

Therefore, if you feel that you are being overburdened with work, stand up for yourself. Your mental health is more important than anything else.

Do not let anyone violate that space. Always say a resounding no when you are offered more than you can do. This will send across a message and will even take care of the burnout syndrome.

You get paid for only a specific part of your time, not every ounce of your energy.

You are Always Anxious:

Another indicator that you might be burnout is that you find yourself to be anxious all the time. The pressure on us due to the lockdown is real.

People, even with no prior history of mental health issues, have started suffering from clinical depression and anxiety. Plus, there is also the stress of losing the job we have due to the economy.

Therefore, it is important to feel connected to yourself and get rid of the stress. One thing that works is that of playing games. Play some board games or gamble online on sites like

These are safe and can even get you some easy money. Plus, it is a great way of unwinding. However, if you find your anxiety going off the charts, always remember to talk to a professional.

You are Always Checking Mails and Notifications:

Here is yet another classic symptom of burnout. If you keep checking emails and notifications round the clock, you might just be suffering from burnout.

This is because you are always on the toes and feel hounded by work. You have an overarching anxious feeling like you have done something wrong and need to check your mails right away.

However, this is just your anxiety acting up, and you need to understand that. Therefore, make sure that you remind yourself of this every day till you have your stress and anxiety under control.

The best way to do so is by unplugging from your devices and logging off from work platforms after work. You need to enjoy your time and forget about the world after work. Whatever it is, it can wait till the next day, and you will be fine.

Wrapping Up:

These are a few symptoms of burnout. The tips that we have suggested can go a long way to alleviate your situation. You need to remember that you are in charge of your life and you get to call the shots.

Do not let your work get the better of you. It is not worth it and will drain your mental and physical energy. Therefore, follow these tips, and you shall be able to break the burnout syndrome eventually.

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