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Skoola: A Nigerian Tech-Startup For Educational Networking And Information Sharing

by Felix Omondi

Skoola: A Nigerian Tech-Startup For Educational Networking And Information Sharing is a unique social media website focused on improving the education standards in Nigeria and its neighboring countries. This site aims at bringing teachers, graduates and students together to share problems and helping each other on their various academic targets. It was officially launched back in 2012 after undergoing a series of beta test.

Skoola practical and useful features geared towards improving the users’ experiences. The website provides a platform for a wide range of classes where students and teachers can hold discussions based on a questions and answers forum. These forums are known as class chats and the founders of Skoola have done an impressive job in improving the real time chatting features and users’ experience while within the class chats forums.

Founders of this startup have an even more ambitious program of enabling the students to take free online exercises that will enable the students to gauge their knowledge and understanding on a particular subject. According to the test scores, the students will be able to know his or her weaknesses and make deliberate action to improve in those areas. The website also has an E-library section which enables the students gain access to relevant reading materials. This comes quite handy especially for schools that are not well equipped with a library with the relevant and up to date school curriculum reading materials.

The main motivation behind this website, is the fact that most Nigerian schools are in dire need of help when it comes to easy access to academic reading materials and relevant information for the students. This initiative enables students studying in institutions that have substandard learning facilities or quality of education to get access to high quality tutors and up-to-date relevant learning materials. Some of the benefits a student will derive from this site include:

  • Students can submits questions, assignments and projects online and will be able to get relevant answers to them in record speed.
  • Students can create or join study groups in either public forums or private forums consisting with close friends and study-buddies and enable them to have a shared study session with ease.
  • Students are able to interact with students from other countries from all over the world, thus get an idea of how tutors and students in other countries undertake their activities.
  • Prepare for school national exams by taking up online mock exams and questions which are more or less of the same standards as those being examined in the national exams.
  • It also enables learners to interact and form professional relationships through chats and making friends.

Students and teachers, who would like to join Skoola, should follow the following guide: Visit Skoola’s official website and click on Register. This will take you to a section where you will be required to fill your details on relevant fields in the Form that will come up. Then you click on the submit button and the bottom of the page. Take note of your password, you used to create the account, since you will need it to log into your account. After this, you will have an account with Skoola, whereby you can log in, update you profile information, profile picture, the location of your school among others. Skoola is a web startup that is still in the beta version, and the website creators are constantly adding  more features. For details on the latest updates on the website you can click here  Skoola

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