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Speed Up WordPress Website, Improve Page Load Times with These Best Free Plugins

by Fahad Saleem

Page load times and speed of websites are the key metrics which determine the audience response, SEO, page indexing and click-through rate on your website. WordPress is one of the most famous platforms use by millions of people around the world to make websites, blogs and portals. Good plugins is a key tool to make your WordPress website fast, useful and efficient. If you are sick and tired of the speed of your website, and want some easy solutions to increase speed of WordPress website, good plugins is the best option to do this. Here are the best plugins to speed up WordPress website and page load times.


This WordPress plugin remarkably dwindles the data jargon and scripts, and unifies them as a single data item whole to decrease the requests to and from the client server. It takes all the CSS page styles to the head tag of the page so that the rendering could be done at once. It also decreases the page weight by moving the scripts to the footer. This has a great effect on the page load times.

plugin 1

Compress JPEG & PNG Plugin

This one is my personal favorite. It compresses the JPEG and PNG images up to 40 percent, which is enough to cause a discernible difference in the speed and page load times of the website. Modern-day website content and blog posts are teeming with images, videos and other visual data. You can search for images from different platforms and after that, you can resize the image according to your website. To resize the image you can use Image Resizer tool. You must have this plugin in order to speed up WordPress website and page load times. This plugin uses lossless technology and ensures to retain the quality of the images using the RGB pixel mechanism.

plugin 2

BJ Lazy Load

This is a great plugin to make WordPress website faster. It uses the placeholder technology in which all the iframe data, images, text and binary headers are replaced by their respective placeholders. The actual data items are not loaded on the first page request, rather they are loaded when the reader actually reaches its content location by scrolling down. This on-demand call system decreases the unnecessary delays and saves memory.

plugin 3

WordPress Instant Articles

This plugin also uses the pre-fetch and pre-render mechanism to load the text and content items to your page so the user doesn’t have to wait for the on-demand page load request. It uses the DNS based pre-fetch technique, which is really useful is decreasing the click to load delays.

plugin instant

WP-Sweep Plugin

I come across a plethora of websites daily which seem sloppy because of their bad database structures and clumsy query structure. Lost connection errors, database errors and timeout errors are ubiquitous these days, and the real cause behind these errors is database problems. Sweep plugins refines and refreshes the database at the backend, prevents the query paths from clogging and keeps removing unwanted data variables and junk.

plugin 5

Above the Fold Optimization Plugin for Localization

This WordPress plugin speeds up the website by removing the render-based blocking JS and CSS fields. The basic idea is to inculcate and embed the CSS into the HTML code of the website instead of using it as an external item. A lot of page requests and extra-baggage is reduced because of this mechanism. This is a powerful plugin, and has the ability to localize the major external resources like social media SDK, Google Insights plugin, CSS objects and much more. A lot of delays and remote call are decreased because of this localization.

Images: Hongkiat

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