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How to Spot and Detect an Intruder in a Wireless Network

by Fahad Saleem

How to Spot and Detect an Intruder in a Wireless Network

The internet is available with the help of WiFi routers in literally all places that we visit regularly from our homes and offices to coffee shops, shopping malls, cinemas, and even in laundries. Mostly, these networks are available free or at low cost for commercial users. If you are using internet on an open WiFi network without security, then you are bound to clash with other people on the same network, draining the whole bandwidth. You would love to join another network with lesser traffic on it. With the aid of a simple Android app, you can monitor the intruders on WiFi networks. The app is termed as “WiFi Inspector”.

detect wifi 1

Although, the name of the app might sound very trivial, still it possesses some cool features. It will show the list of all users that lie on a particular network that gives a good idea about the congestion of the available networks. It is obvious that the network with a small number of users must be preferred.

detect wifi 2

Do you want to know whether someone is connected to your home network without your permission? Yes, the intruders can also be detected with the help of this app. This is particularly useful feature for capturing intruders on your home network. You can take action against them accordingly.

detect wifi 3

The app will also show some network properties such as your IP, MAC address, and the speed you are getting on a particular network.

The app doesn’t restrict the unwanted users from using the WiFi network. It just provides information about the presence of intruders. It analyzes the network, shows the users present on it, and is able to show someone who doesn’t belong to a particular hotspot. It is simple and clear design that secures your home network from undesired access. It can find intruders in less than 30 seconds. The developers are working on improving the app further.

The app is available for free and can be easily downloaded from the link provided below.

Download WiFi inspector for Android on Google Play Store

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