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How to stop Opera Mini Lock Screen News Updates

by Felix Omondi
opera mini

A message to Opera Software, you have a fine mobile browser with impressive data compression technology. Were it not for Opera Mini, most users across Africa and emerging markets in Asia will be struggling to consume digital content online. Opera Mini has been a trusted internet partner for years, but lately, Opera Software is getting too ambitious.

The recent versions of Opera Mini by default show users news updates right on the lock screen. While we do appreciate the effort to keep us updated, this feature is cumbersome and the fact you enabled it by default – without our explicit permission – makes it outright annoying.

If you have the most recent version of Opera Mini running on your smartphone, then you know how annoying it gets when you want to unlock your phone and be met by multiple news updates on the screen. Not to mention, the updates keep your phone on hyper-active mode, meaning they freeze and drain your battery faster.

How to stop the Opera Mini News Updates on your lock screen

Opera Mini is still the best mobile browser when you want to save on your data plan, load pages fast and block ads. For that reason, we are not going to recommend the first and most obvious option; of uninstalling the damn browser.

Since you cannot uninstall it because you will find a use for it, later on, we recommend digging dip into the settings and disable the news updates on the lock screen.

Open Opera > tab the ‘O’ (Opera) red logo > go to Settings (the cog wheel icon) > Lock screen news > Disable.opera mini

It would appear Opera Software is aggressively trying to monetize its Opera Mini, but the way the chose to do that, does not sit well with a lot of users out here. It would be a shame if users were forced to review Opera Mini as their most favorite browser, especially when pressed to conserve their mobile data plans.

Do these new changes in Opera Mini business model have anything to do with the fact Opera Software has new owners, who have turned it into an aggressive adware?

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