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Stop WhatsApp from Saving Pictures, Videos Automatically to Camera Roll and Gallery in iPhone

by Fahad Saleem
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WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app around the world. We all have WhatsApp groups and conversations sprouting up daily. People frantically send photos and videos in WhatsApp conversations, which, at times, becomes a big nuisance. To exacerbate the situation, WhatsApp has a built-in feature which saves the photos and videos received in your camera roll or photos apps and gallery. This could end up in space problems, as every photo and video sent by your friends and family in WhatsApp will be saved in your camera roll and photo apps. But luckily, you can stop WhatsApp from automatically saving photos and videos in your iPhone camera roll and Photos apps. This way, you will be able to enjoy the choice of downloading anything at your own will.

Here’s how you can disable the autosave feature to avoid the space disasters.

Stop WhatsApp from Saving Pictures, Videos Automatically in iPhone

Launch WhatsApp in your iPhone and tap on “Settings” from the bottom right corner.

Now tap on Chat Settings.

You will see a toggle option named “Save Incoming Media”. Turn that switch to OFF to stop WhatsApp from saving photos and videos automatically in your iPhone. If you change your mind in the future, you can enable this option again by turning this toggle option to ON.

stop whatsapp from saving data 1

That’s it. This was how to disable auto-save option in WhatsApp. You will now see a download media or save media option with every item you will receive in your WhatsApp messages.

If you are a user of WhatsApp on cellular data, you can disable WhatsApp automatic saving of images and videos by following the below-mentioned steps.

Launch WhatsApp and tap on “Chat Settings” > “Media Auto-Download” and make this setting to “Wi-Fi”. This would save your bandwidth and stop WhatsApp from saving pictures or videos in camera roll or photos apps whenever you are using cellular data or Wireless data without our consent.

Images: OSXDaily

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