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SwiftKey Incorporated in Notes App that Syncs with Evernote in iOS

by Fahad Saleem

While Google is quite keen on removing chunks created by the Android OS such as the clock screen, launcher app switch and phone launcher among others. Apple is doing completely the reverse. It is letting its own services regarded as best for the users. The assumption Apple has always had is that they don’t need any comparison for better components. This fact has remained true for many past years since the inception of Apple, and in recent months Apple has started paying attention in consumer tastes, fashion and preferences which seem to be increasingly favoring the its counterpart. It thus launched the iOS keyboard, which was rated to be better when compared to that of its counterparts from Windows and Android. This is because it has an intelligent auto-complete feature.

It would seem that times have changed, and it is no longer to the favor of the Android. All courtesy to GO, Nuance and SwiftKey which have brought ground breaking revolution to the world of Android Keyboards, they have an improved typing intelligence than is available with the iOS keyboard. It can support numerous typing styles, has Twitter, Facebook and email integration for reflecting on phrases and words you type more regularly.

After the improvements done on the Android keyboards, SwiftKey has showed interest in introducing keyboard to the iOS. They couldn’t manager replacing the stock keyboard throughout their OS. This is the reason why they made their own note apps with dubbed SwiftKey note.

The one thing to admire most about SwiftKey note is not only that you can add notes and assign them logical name for easy referencing, but also you can put them into notebook and sync them with great app Evernote that uses prediction to write for you with hints that comes preinstalled in it.


notes - 3

The SwiftKey uses only basic features. You cannot add images to it. The provision of sharing is limited to email, messaging, and copying to the clipboard. You cannot even search through your notes, although notebooks and tags can be searched. The keyboard of SwiftKey is just a value addition in iOS 7 with added panel on top of the screen for predictions. These predictions get started as soon as you start using it. As you continue using this App more and more, your experience with the app will get better as time goes. You can give it a spark plug by assigning it the path of Evernotes.

notes - 2

Although, this is just the first version of the App, it can be said to be somewhat disappointing. In terms of the writing skills, SwiftKey Note is just a basic version of the sophisticated SwiftKey, Android keyboard introduced for iOS users. It merely is a shadow of its Android version having only basic features. There should be option for Android users to switch to iOS Apps to have great working experience.

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