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SwipeExpander brings keyboard shortcuts to iPhone – Jailbreak Tweak

by Fahad Saleem

SwipeExpander brings keyboard shortcuts to iPhone – Jailbreak Tweak

Apple announced in its Worldwide Developer Conference that it will allow third party tools on iOS 8 keyboard. This has made the jailbreak community very happy and they have developed new app called SwipeExpander.  Similar to this, in the past, there were keyboard tweaks by the jailbreak community and these were AltKeyboard, which was introduced on iOS 6, AltKeyboard 2, which was on iOS 7 and SwipeSelection which was also on iOS 7.

All these jailbreak apps brought very useful keyboard shortcuts to the iPhone, where you just swipe on a specific key in a direction to perform the required functionality.

The new SwipeExpander is a similar type of Jailbreak app which allows keyboard shortcuts on iOS 8. The shortcuts are handy and can be used by swiping up or swiping down on a specific key, for instance, swiping down from the S key invokes the function of “Select All”.

iphone swipe 2

Functions are different of lowercase and uppercase keyboard, which gives a large variety of functions and shortcut on the keyboard. Some functions are select all, cut, paste, copy, undo, redo, and insert text, select, dismiss autocorrect and dismiss keyboard.

You can also customize your own keys for your functions, like if you want to insert a commonly used text like your Email Address, or your phone number, you can assign that text and to a key and select swipe up or down for inserting that specific text. You can put different texts on same keys and select them by swiping up or down.

In the settings, you can also add the names of the functions on your assigned keys in case you forget what function that key performs. You can also customize the text which you add on the keys of your keyboard.

This app is basically a prerelease software right now, but there are very few bugs in it. It performs very well and it is easy to use and very flexible. If this review has intrigued you, you can download the beta version of SwipeExpander for iOS 8 from here. This app is available on Cydia for free.


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