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Tablet Review : Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite

by Fahad Saleem

samsung tablet reviewSamsung has just unveiled the Galaxy Tab3 Lite. What they’re trying to do is release a tablet that places itself in the bottom category of Android tablets. You know, the no-name, cheap ones. No price has been announced, but the specifications of the tablet suggest that this thing could sell for less than $100. As of now, people can go to their local electronics store and pick up $60-$70 tablets, but these are mostly no names. Imagine a Samsung tablet below $100. These will sell like crazy. No one will ever want to buy a no-name tablet because they’re not trustworthy. Samsung is a global giant of a company. Their brand is one of the most popular and trusted. Many people are looking to buy a tablet but they just can’t afford the expensive iPads and Microsoft Surfaces or don’t trust the cheap no-names from China. Samsung will change all of that with the release of the Galaxy Tab3 Lite. Here are some of the specifications of this new product from Samsung:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite features a 7-inch display at 1024 x 600 resolution and 169ppi density. The display is great for a tablet rumored to be below the hundred dollar mark.

Processor and Software
This tablet packs a dual core processor running at 1.2GHz. Nothing spectacular but keep in mind this is a Lite version. The Galaxy Tab3 Lite runs on Android Jellybean 4.2. The processor and software are decent for a tablet at such a low price.

Storage and RAM
1GB of RAM is available and there’s 8GB of storage which can be expanded to 32GB via microSD card. It is advisable to upgrade storage because Samsung’s software takes up nearly 2GB of space.

Camera and Battery
The Galaxy Tab3 Lite comes with only a 2MP rear camera. There is no front-facing camera. The battery is a 3600 mAh battery and promises to provide up to eight hours of video playback. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 are supported

Measurement and Price
This tablet measures in at 116.4mm x 193.4mm x 9.7mm. Weighing only 310 grams, the tablet is quite light. The price is not confirmed, but many believe it will be below $100. If in fact it is below $100, this will be a great product for people and many will be interested in buying it.

The big attraction about this tablet is that it’s cheap. It can connect to 3G and will be available globally. If this tablet does come in at below a hundred dollars, expect them to sell out immediately. Why buy another sub-$100, no-name tablet when you can buy a Samsung one? This could be great for kids; they don’t care about specifications and a cheap Samsung tablet would be perfect for them. Even for students and adults who need a cheap, portable tablet they can take with them to college or work. Samsung seems to have done everything right with this product and when it officially hits the stores, we will find out how popular it really is.

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