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Test Internet Speed Using These Free Internet Speed Testing Resources

by Fahad Saleem

Test Internet Speed Using These Free Internet Speed Testing Resources

Your internet speed may vary depending on the number of users on that specific network through which you are connected to the internet. There are some internet connection speed tests available through which you can test your internet speed and see the true potential of your internet.

These internet speed tests mostly provide accurate information about the bandwidth of your internet. They provide results about the download and upload speeds. Some of the popular and accurate speed tests are described below.


This speed test is a HTML 5 based test. It tests the internet speeds using real world conditions by downloading series of files of increasing size. It records the speed of download for each download. The results are plotted in the form of graphs as you can see in the above picture. This speed test is one of the accurate sources to test internet speed. No flash or JAVA is needed for internet connection speed test, the website is light weight and it even works on hand held devices like iPhone, iPad and Android devices without needing to install any third party app.

internet speed 2


This is the website I usually use to test my internet speed. It is a bit slower than others and takes several minutes before the test completes but it gives comprehensive reports and logs. It doesn’t just give you your average download and upload speed but also tells Average QOS, average RTT and average MaxPause in mili seconds. The downside is, the results are computed using last 14 days data and are not valid for internet connection speed test requiring a period longer than that.

inttenrt speed 3

The Global Broadband speed test

One of the simplest and easiest tests I use to test my internet speed is It does not provide many logs and technical information other than download and upload speeds. The plus point about this site is it lets you choose from a wide range of servers available worldwide to test your speed and compare results. A physical map is shown to you to select the server location and start internet connection speed test.

internet speed 4


If you do not wish to wait for internet connection speed test to complete and want accurate speed test results in no time, this is the site for you. It lets you select from 12 servers worldwide for speed test. Close other internet activity during the test and get results quick and fast. It provides ping, download and upload speeds of your connection in less than a minute. On this website, ping is tested by TCP packet through the HTTP service.

internet speed 5

To check the current condition of your network connection this tool comes in handy. No installation needed on Windows or Android devices for speed test. It is simple and minimalistic website to test internet speed. It does not provide any flexibility to choose any servers and does that by itself. All you have to do is click on test my internet speed and it will do the rest for you.

internet speed 6 is another handy website to check your internet connection speed that does not require you to install anything on your device. All you need is open your browser go to the website, and voila! The accurate download and upload speeds for your ISP gets displayed.


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