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The 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium | Jan 29-30

by Anie Akpe
The 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium | Jan 29-30

The African Diaspora Network has partnered with the International diaspora Engagement Alliance (idEA) and the Homestrings to bring the 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium. The event will take place starting Jan 29-30 at the Biltmore Hotel and Suites in Santa Clara, California.

The symposium seeks to showcase Africa’s thriving investment opportunities to the African diaspora and other investors. The participant will have the chance to meet in person with key stakeholders in the Africa’s dynamic growth scene. In attendance, will be accomplished Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Firms, Venture Capitalist, Foundations, and Not-for-profits.

The symposium will set the agenda on matters Africa’s growing opportunities for a new era of entrepreneurship. Unlike other symposiums seeking to highlight Africa’s potential, the 2016 Africa Diaspora Investment Symposium will take active, and purposeful approach through panels and workshops focused on the role of the Diaspora. This symposium seeks to:

Showcase new investment channels to support the new generation of African entrepreneurs.

Build new links between African Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley, beyond the ‘iHubs’.

Empower African entrepreneurs and professionals to be promoters of Africa’s growth story via workshops, panels and networks.

2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium Keynote Speakers [pdf]The 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium | Jan 29-30

To view the schedule of events for January 29 (1PM-8PM) and January 30 (8AM-5PM), Click here.

Workshop #1 – Keys to a Successful Startup

Workshop: Keys to a Successful Startup | Harnet Bokrezion, PhD, Jumpstart Africa | 13:10—14:10

How do you move from innovation to action? Silicon Valley serves as an ideal hub for discussing the secrets to successfully launching new businesses grounded in disruptive thinking. But do the entrepreneurship principles ingrained in Silicon Valley apply to Africa? How to do you prepare your startup for success in Africa’s unique socio-economic and political infrastructure. We will share innovative ideas and resources that will help you create an actionable plan to increase the success rate of your Africa-focused venture.

Panel:  The African Startup Ecosystem| Ben White, VC4Africa | 15:30—16:30

There is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs and investors dedicated to building game changing companies on the African continent.

Workshop #2 – From Funder to Founders; How to Fundraise for your Startup

Facilitated by Atreya Rayaprolu – Executive Director Intellecap and Director of Intellecap Africa

Do you have time to find some capital to fund your startup? What unique challenges do startups face? How can we obtain the necessary funding or build upon your existing resources? This workshop offers useful tools for fundraising for a startup to move from idea to action.

Panel Discussion: How might the Diaspora contribute Human Capital to Africa?


*Jo Addy,


*Ashit Patel, Citrix Systems

*Banny Banerjee, Stanford Changelabs

*Amini Kajunju, CEO, The Africa-America Institute

The African Diaspora offers a wealth of knowledge, resources, and creativity unparalleled in the diversity of our combined experiences. How do we bring this back to the homeland to better the lives of Africans on the continent? This panel discusses human capital through a unique reverse brain drain technique, in which we discuss mentorship, advisory, and relocation.

Innov8tiv is a media partner to the 2016 African Diaspora Investment Symposium. To RSVP for this event taking place on January 29-30, at the Biltmore Hotel and Suites in Santa Clara, California. Click here.

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