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What To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

by Felix Omondi
What To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

This is the week for the exciting annual Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). The event will take place Las Vegas, USA. Innov8tiv, just like last year, we will endeavor to keep you updated on what new technologies get debuted at the CES 2016.

As we wait for the CES 2016 to kick off, here are some few of predictions of our own; on things we expect from the CES 2016 conference. But before we jump into the list of things to expect, let us start by first bursting some few bubbles.

You should not hold your breath to expect anything (especially major things) from big tech companies like Apple or Google. Typically these companies don’t like sharing their spotlight with other companies; especially when they are releasing their flagship devices.

CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference Predictions:

Hybrid Tablet/Laptop (2-in-1) Computers

Admitted, the 2-in-1 computers (tablets that double up as laptops) has been a Microsoft prodigy. The world has finally warmed up to that idea, especially with the launch of the company’s Windows 8 and the current Windows 10. The hardware end has also undergone massive improvement over the years, that a 2-in-1 computer is something becoming more mainstream every day.What To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

Other companies like HP and Lenovo have also followed Microsoft’s direction with their own imitation of the 2-in-1 computers. With that much said, you should not be surprised to see new 2-in-1 computers being debuted at the CES 2016.

There might also be some new third party keyboards for Apple’s imitation of the 2-in-1 computers, the recently launched iPad Pro.

Smarter Drones

There is going to be an entire floor at the CES 2016 for showcasing ‘unmanned systems.’ From drones designed for photography, sports coverage, construction, search and travel among other use. We do not expect a significant change in their structural designs, but as far as their sensors, software and algorithms used to control them; we can expect a lot more.What To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

CES 2016 will also focus on security and safety concerns about the commercial use of drones.

Virtual Reality (VR) stepping out of the Gaming niche

VR is by far not a new tech gizmo concept – it has been an idea floating around for years but has little to show especially outside the gaming niche. We expect that in CES 2016, VR will step outside the gaming niche and find more practical application in other niches.What To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

The planned release of the Oculus in Q1 2016 being a strong indication of VR finding more practical use outside the gamergate realm. But to say that VR is going to find numerous applications across different niches for everyday applications, will be an expecting too much.

More Wearable Tech but Better DesignedWhat To Expect From The CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference

The CES 2015 brought the second wave of wearable tech into the market. For the CES 2016, we expect more wearable devices but finely tweaked to support a particular function. Take, for instance, the fact that most smartwatches that claim to be fitness trackers, yet they perform quite a mediocre job. For CES 2016, you should expect more niche wearable devices; with improved sensors.

There are strong indications that there will be more wearable tech devices launched that focus on specific health issues. Most big tech companies overlook matters such as women’s health. CES 2016 wearable tech may concentrate more on women-related health concerns.

Smart Homes

The CES 2016 may proof the year the Internet of Things (IoT) makes a bang. With the launch of new smart thermostats like Amazon Echo and Google Nest, added to new tech like the Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi Direct.

Things such as smartphones becoming the ultimate remote control for the entire house, smart refrigerators that can compile a grocery list and make an order to a home delivery services. Home conditions systems with thermostats that check on weather reports and self-adjust the room temperature.

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These are just some predictions of what we expect to get featured at the CES 2016: Las Vegas Technology Conference. Stay tuned on Inno8vtiv’s coverage for the event.

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